Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)

Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)

Heyo Bookaholics!

2018 has gone by so so fast!

Holy Moly Heebus Jeebus! I don’t even know what I am saying because the end of the year has literally hit me like a truck. I was looking back at the year that was 2018 and all I can think is “wow, did I really do all of that?!”

I honestly cannot believe that I managed to read, run a blog and have a social life all while going to uni/ working a full-time job (for 20 weeks) this year. Aside from being able to balance life, books and ‘work’, I was also able to do a full list of other crazy fun things:

    • Attended the Penguin Teen Showcase for the first time ever
    • Went Go-Karting for the first time ever (I also got t-boned and kinda injured)
    • Went to the Fall Out Boy concert
    • Dog Sat not once, but TWICE!
    • I may’ve hurt my car
    • Learnt how to take charge of and deal with my mental sh*t
    • Went Paintballing!
    • Saw a comedy show and had a chat with the comedian afterwards
    • Found the perfect match foundation for my skin
    • Met many more Aussie authors (and book lovers) at events over Melbourne
    • Used a face mask for the first time and bought Korean beauty products – which are amazing
    • Worked full-time at a Professional services firm
    • Went to the Panic! At The Disco concert
    • Attended the Melbourne Cup Carnival in a Marque
    • Went to India for 18 days!!
  • Volunteered at a gift wrapping stall with my best friend
  • Had the most amazing 26th – 31st of December with family, friends and all those I love and adore.

Screen Shot 2019 01 01 at 6.47.48 pm - Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)The Best Of 2018: Blogging

I made a small ‘Year In Review’ Infographic (left) detailing my achievements from this blog over the 2018 year, and also the almost 4 years that Jasper + Spice has been running.

I am so proud of and happy to be the owner of this blog and in 2019 I wish to better it tenfold.

Let’s look back at my top 3 favourite posts of the year. These are posts that I am proud of because I have received praise, achieved something and challenged myself because of them.

It’s Only a Game Part 1 & 2: I chose these posts because I received praise in the comments for the first one and it is the only story that I fell in love with the story I came up with.

My Biggest Reading Month & Smallest Haul: I chose this post as it shows off an achievement of mine. I usually don’t get past 1-2 books a month, but in this post, I talk about how I read 4 books! and I didn’t even waste too much money on buying books.

NaNoWriMo PreparationDespite all my doubts in myself and how busy I was in November I wanted to challenge myself to do NaNoWriMo, which in the end proved too be too much of a commitment, but I had a plan. That’s more than I’ve ever had and I was so proud of my planning that jumping in seemed less scary.

The Best Of 2018: Books!

All of my favourite books of 2018 had an impact on me in some way. 2018 was the year of contemporary novels in which I read more of them than I did my usual fantasy novels. I felt connected to the characters in each of the following novels due to shared interests or struggles that they face.

In no particular order, I chose: Starry Eyes, I Was Born for Thisand I Had Such Friends as the top books of the year. You can find reviews for two of the novels mentioned by clicking on the links above. I never did a review for ‘I Had Such Friends’ due to the way in which the story affected me mentally, I could not find the words to talk about it.

starry eyes cover - Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)     i was born for this book cover - Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)     I had such friends book cover - Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)


I will be doing some awesome things in the new year, like posting EVERY DAY in January starting TOMORROW Jan 1st!

I am so excited because I will be using the prompts from @paperfury and @miriamjoywrites Instagram challenge #FinnFuryRevolution.

IMG 20181230 133629 - Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)

I will also be posting photos for the prompts on my Instagram every day! I have planned everything out and I will be scheduling the posts today so I don’t need to stress or rush or deliver sub-par content. This way you will have engaging content to read that will set my blog up for more content like it for the rest of 2019!

2 e1530100090524 - Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)

How was your 2018?

 Are you proud of how you spent your year? Is there anything that you would want to change or improve in the new 2019 year??

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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1 - Goodbye 2018! (The Best Of)

With Love Bree xx

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