Recreating a @PaperFury Instagram Photo for her Birthday!

Recreating a @PaperFury Instagram Photo for her Birthday!

Heyo Bookaholics!


Soooooo today is @PaperFury’s birthday! As a part of #FinnFuryRevolution, they have asked us to recreate one of @paperfury’s Instagram posts. This has been the hardest challenge so far and I think I need to tell you all about it. It was a wild ride!

Who is @paperfury?

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@paperfury is an author whose real name is C.G. Drews. She lives in Australia with her piano and the goal of reading every book in existence. Consequently, her brain has overflowed with words and she spends her days writing novels to make you laugh or cry (or both). She never sleeps and believes in cake for breakfast.

She has one published novel titled A Thousand Perfect Notes and her second book A Boy Who Steals Houses will be published on April 4th this year (2019)!

She blogs at paperfury.comGoodreads.

My Attempt at a @PaperFury Photo…

I’m trying to avoid showing you all this photo. If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ll have already had a sneak peek at the photo, but I really really tried in my attempt to copy a @paperfury photo. Below is a comparison between the photo I used for inspiration (left) and my photo (right).

screen shot 2019 01 13 at 12.40.00 am - Recreating a @PaperFury Instagram Photo for her Birthday! screen shot 2019 01 13 at 12.40.25 am - Recreating a @PaperFury Instagram Photo for her Birthday!

Look I don’t think I did half bad. I really do not know how she does it! At the end of my shoot – in which I took all of my photos for the Instagram challenge for the month of Jan – I was frustrated, annoyed and ready to go to sleep. Even packing up the books just seemed like too much effort for me. I had never ever put in that much effort into book photos or made as much book mess as I had on that one fateful day in December of 2018.

Please go follow @paperfury on both Instagram and Twitter, and even her blog which is the cutest most minimalistic blog I have enjoyed reading. I think after how good this looks – compared to all of my other book photos – I might try doing some more book art, but ‘better’ next time. Hopefully one day I will reach a @paperfury level of Bookstagramming.

Do let me know down in the comments below what you think of my attempt!

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You should all follow @paperfury on every form of social media! Her Instagram photos are gorgeous but her Tweets are the funniest and best things you’ll read all day!

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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1 - Recreating a @PaperFury Instagram Photo for her Birthday!

With Love Bree xx

Jan 2019 30 days of blogging 1 - Recreating a @PaperFury Instagram Photo for her Birthday!

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  1. CG @ Paper Fury

    aww I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! And I appreciate all the effort you went to *happy flails* Also I greatly feel for you with the clean ups afterwards 😂I always have…so many regrets lmaooo. Anyway THANK YOU!! You are so lovely!

    • YOU’RE WELCOME! This prompt put the out of my comfort zone and I am so so happy I actually went and tried something new with my photos 😇 I do not envy the clean up you have to go through afterwards 🙊

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