My Favourite Squad of Misfits + More Trouble Making Besties!

My Favourite Squad of Misfits + More Trouble Making Besties!

Heyo Bookaholics!

We all love a ragtag team of misfits!

These #FinnFuryRevolution posts are always being posted so late (or early) in the night (morning), and truth be told that’s only because I not only leave things to the last minute, but I have been looking at prices for accommodation and flights for my mid-year trip to New Zealand!

It’s day 13 and the prompt for today is Misfit Troublesome Character Squad!

The Most Troublesome, Problematic Squad/ Family:

I don’t know of anyone else (aside from Emmmabooks on YouTube) who uses the Shadowhunters as the answer to literally every question I am asked. This topic is no different! Of course, the squad I have chosen is the Blackthorne ‘Family’ from The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. I put quotes around the word family because they are not only a family by blood but also by love. The quote “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” is very relevant for this ‘family’.

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I chose this family as my top pic of misfits as they are such a big gang, but all going off in their own little groups – e.g. Julian and Emma; Ty, Livvy and Kit; Mark and Tavvy chilling in the kitchen – and have their own little rule-breaking adventures that would not go down well if Clary and Jace knew what they were doing.

My Other Top Squad Picks!

  • Not sure if you’ve heard of The Mortality Doctrine Series, but I randomly picked up the first book one day and feel into the series. It is a middle-grade series that has a likeness to Warcross which was published after the TMD. This series, like many middle-grade novels, has a trio squad of BFFs who have to face trials and tribulations to defeat the bad guy. I love them mostly because their whole friendship is based on their online personas and personalities, and they cannot judge one another by their real-life looks or disabilities.
  • Without spoiling anything; the full squad from The Illuminae Files are absolute misfit goals! Like who comes up with a scheme as complex as the one that they did – as teenagers mind you – to take down a government corporation!
  • Lastly, the Magnus Chase and Gods of Asgard squad is the perfect LGBT+ inclusive middle-grade squad of God battling misfits that I envy. I would legit die just so I can go to Valhalla and be a part of their little, dysfunctional adopted family.

I had so much fun writing this post because it just brought back all the feels and I got to express my love for all of my favourite fictional squad family’s. I really hope one day that my characters will be someone’s favourite squad family, but until then I will gush over other ones. Tell me who your’s are down in the comments below xx

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Who’s your favourite squad (real or fictional)??

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With Love Bree xx

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