Books That Subvert Common Tropes!?

Books That Subvert Common Tropes!?

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Going Against Tide.

The fifth prompt for #FinnFuryRevolution are books that subvert common tropes. I read the prompt and had to Google the word subvert. Mostly because I don’t like dictionaries and it was just so much easier to use the internet, I ended up finding the following definition:

Subvert: When you subvert something, your words or actions criticize or undermine the usual way of doing something or common values. ... Subvert comes from the Latin word subvertere, which combines the prefix sub, under, and the suffix vertere, to turn.

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I couldn’t just choose one book because of all the tropes out there that make my heart skip a beat (and not in a good way) whenever I realise that I am reading a book with the trope in it.

The best way to show you the books I love that have subverted common tropes is to list off the most popular overused tropes and link them to a book that has turned these on their head!

The Chosen One <> Illuminae Files series – This series really rejected the chosen one trope, in my opinion, it was still there rather the protagonists of each book accepted help from others and worked as a “chosen group” to achieve an end goal.

The Love Triangle <> I Was Born For This – This novel had the potentiality for a love triangle, but it didn’t contain one and that’s what made it so pure and well written. This novel was about mental health and friendships which was not to be overshadowed by a cheesy love story.

Hate To Love <> Lifelike – I thought of this one as more of a Love-to-Hate, literally flipping the trope on its head. It’s a hard one to explain without spoilers, but amidst all of the existential crisis and confusion, this novel flips over a trope and cooks it alive.

Love At First Sight <> Save The Date – I noticed that this trope isn’t very popular anymore. People probably realised that all those cheesy lines about “hearts racing” and “weird unsettling feelings in the lower region” aren’t appealing to audiences anymore. This novel is kinda a love story with a slow burn romance. I love this book because she didn’t want a boyfriend – or rather not this boy – and just kinda fell into it. It’s perfect and so realistic.

These are 4 of my favourite novels and my most despised tropes. I’m sure there are many other tropes out there that have books just completely say no to their existence. Thank you for reading and keep going against the crowd!

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I found this hard… Can you think of any books that subvert common tropes??

Also, what do you think of books that go against common tropes?

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  1. Ohhh I hadn’t thought of it, but IWBFT could definitely have had a love triangle! I’m glad it didn’t 🙂 I can’t really think of any books that subvert tropes right now, but then again my memory is terrible haha

    • Aha yeah I was reading it thinking it would but I was glad it didn’t. I had to go through my books individually to jog my memory 😅

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