Tropes I Want to See Gone!!

Tropes I Want to See Gone!!

Heyo Bookaholics!

Ooh, The Cringe!!

I am so excited to be writing this post! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come across a trope in a novel and just rolled my eyes and *almost* put the book down to never read it again. The only thing that saved these books was my intrigue and the characters.


Let me tell you, I am so grateful that I planned out this post in advance or I’d be going off on a tangent about tropes and clichés and this post will never go live. Okay, I won’t ramble too much but do feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments at any point while you are reading this. I know that everyone will not think the same as me and that is perfectly fine!


The Chosen One – Honestly, I’m just sick of it. I see it everywhere. The last straw was Aquaman. Whilst watching the movie, the most common phrase was “one true king” and Aquaman didn’t even want to be the chosen one agh! The only reason I didn’t hate the movie is because of Jason Mamoa. This trope is not only seen in movies and YA, but I find that is is the most common trope in Middle-Grade novels, maybe to make the child reader feel special or unique. I want to see more series like Illuminae where the protagonist isn’t TOLD that they have to do a job and they just take on the job willingly, and most importantly, collaboratively.

note: I know many writers do this as it is appealing to readers, and looking back, I have actually done this with my current WIP The Inversion and I am kinda mad at myself right now. Lucky there is no storyline and I can change it easily.

All Dudes Being Hot – Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to read a book and have the author describe the boy/ man/ dude in the novel as a Chris Hemsworth x Chris Evans looking sex God, and just have that image in your head whenever his name is mentioned. But it would be refreshing to have a male character who isn’t stereotypically hot and maybe even self-conscious in some aspects. I want to see more male self-confidence topics in novels, especially Young Adult!

Lack of Parents/ Siblings OR the lack of relationship the main character has with them if they are present – I know that this is a long title for the trope but I had no other way to describe it. I find this the most annoying thing to happen in any novel and I am trying to not do it/ do it to a far lesser extent in my own writing as it makes the protagonist very unrelatable for the main YA population. This trope drags the reader away from having any form of connection between the protagonist as, if you are like me and have a good/ any type of parent/ child relationship, then the protagonist’s situation becomes a foreign one.

Well, it certainly felt good to let all of that out. Drop a comment if you feel the same, or if you really are just WTFing at my comments. These are the tropes I feel the most strongly about and I really hope I don’t do this in my own writing (oh man I think I have).

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What tropes make you cringe the most??

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With Love Bree xx

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  1. This is such a great post! I’m just waiting for the day that I pick a book and the male lead isn’t described as a sex god with rippling abs.

    • Oh my gosh same! I think there may be some sappy contemporaries out there, but I need it to see a fantasy without this trope.

  2. I’m sick of the fact that half of YA female protagonists fit this exact description: Cute teenage girl doesn’t know she’s cute and instead insists she is completely unremarkable in every way while teenage boys fall head over heels in love with her every time she looks at them.

  3. I love knowing what people’s most ‘yeuch’ tropes are!

    I agree with the lack of parenting/ child relationships in YA so I really love when I find one that doesn’t fit the mould. I think that’s why I loved THUG so much because to me it was more about the family and the love they had for each other.

    My most hated trope is ‘you’re not like other girls.’ I just…. no. No. No. No. No. But I won’t rant on your comments 😉

    • Oh no no no that is the worst trope ever I cannot believe I forgot it in my list! I will read your rant wherever you write it (link it to me if it’s on your blog or another platform)!

      I haven’t read THUG but I think I will raise it up on my TBR because I need more of those family relations! ❤

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