I Was Bitten By A Kangaroo [NOT A REAL STORY]

I Was Bitten By A Kangaroo [NOT A REAL STORY]

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Today I wish to tell you the story of the dream I had last night, where I was bitten by a tiny kangaroo because for some reason kangaroos are the size of chihuahuas now?…

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This is a bit of a strange story and is literally taken from a dream I had last night. It was crazy, I woke up very confused and immediately thought you’d all find enjoyment from it!

My Crazy Unrealistic Dream

It all started in the bathroom. I remember going to wash my hands in a familiar bathroom that looked like the one from my old house except something was off; where a mirror should’ve been, a giant window was pitched open. It was one of those windows that you have to wind and they extend outwards. From where I stood, I looked out onto a vast sandy desert, some trees and what I could only call weeds stuck out from the earth, too small and long to be grass.

This didn’t strike me as odd, considering I’d been in a similar situation before when I was half-asleep and needed to pee; only less desert and weeds and more ocean that time. No, the odd thing was the number of kangaroos that just stood out there; and so many had joeys!

I shook my head in disbelief and just stared, I’d never seen that many kangaroos at once; and I’d seen a kangaroo punch-on. There had to be at least 20 in such close vicinity to each other, and so close to the property. I don’t remember why it happened but I must’ve made a noise while standing there, because one of the kangaroos started walking towards the window.

And it gets weird from here so bear with me.

This kangaroo, the smallest of the lot, ran right at me. Without even having a chance to take a step backwards, this kangaroo (with a joey in its pouch) jumped through the slot in the window and clamped its jaw around my forearm, its tiny legs wrapping around my arm just below my elbow.

I guess I was too freaked out by the fact that I had a kangaroo’s jaw clamped to the skin of my arm to pay attention to how unnaturally small this kangaroo was, though I certainly noticed it.

I was screaming and I ran into the kitchen; which was also the exact replica of my old house, shocking me for a second before I began screaming and shaking my arm at my mother who also uncharacteristically didn’t care at all. No one spoke at all aside from my silent and ignored screams.

I managed to pry the tiny devil, kangaroo-like thing from my arm, only for it to latch back on again. Its long shout was lined with tiny sharp teeth that were coated with the blood it drew. I waved my arm frantically at my mother, tears in my eyes, heart racing, annoyed that I was yet again ignored.

Frustrated, I walked into the lounge-room, this devel thing still latched on to my arm, showing no want to leave.

Once in the lounge-room, I found my whole dad’s side of my family seated on the couches facing me, but at the same time not caring what I had to show.

‘Did no one care that I have this daemon killer thing on my arm!!!’ I thought to myself, exasperated.

Suddenly I realised something (and I must’ve been waking up around this time because logic was kicking in); ‘How was I not bleeding out?’

I almost laughed. Gripping the kangaroo by the sides of its mouth, I pried its jaws open and removed them from my arm. The teeth I’d once thought were razor sharp, where just blunt things that had made small gashes in my arm.

The last thing I remember before waking up was staring at the marks on my arm confused, kangaroo daemon in that other hand.

Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Monday for another review 🙂

bree xoxo - I Was Bitten By A Kangaroo [NOT A REAL STORY]

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