LIFEL1K3 BOOK LAUNCH & I Have 10,000 Words on my Book!

1 - LIFEL1K3 BOOK LAUNCH & I Have 10,000 Words on my Book!

Heyo Bookaholics!

You’ve all seen the title, so let’s begin with what you all came here for.


LifeL1K3 by Jay Kristoff officially launched in Melbourne last night and it was amazing!

To celebrate the official Lifel1k3, Jay blessed us with AI facts from Google and Facebook, while MC Amie tried to reassure us that we are all safe, and won’t end us in the same situation as the characters in LifeL1k3 – and yes I’ll continue to spell LifeL1k3 like that.


Ever since reading the Illuminae Chronicles and Nevernight, I’ve literally been worshipping Jay Kristoff. I don’t know how to explain it, but he and Amie are a massive inspiration to me; being from Melbourne and older than the average YA authors, it shows people that they can accomplish anything if they put their minds to it.

And I finally got a decent photo with him!!!


The below photo is literally my reaction to the whole event. And my reaction to being able to form a coherent sentence in front of both Jay and Amie; and I also needed to check if my hair looked okay but I was so starstruck and shaking like I do when I get nervous.


📷 @stars.and.embers

Interview Qns!

During the interview, Amie asked Jay what it’s been like to tour without her, revealing that she is the more talkative of the two and Jay the shy quiet one. Amie: “On a scale of terrible to horrible, how bad was it to write a book without me?” Jay: “It was so bad.”

Jay was asked how he writes his books; whether he is a planner or a make-it-up-as-you-go kinda guy. Turns out he’s both. He identified three types of writers (the following are not his direct words):

  • The Freestyle Writer who will just write whatever and hope it gets somewhere. Thye typically poses a “fuck it” type attitude.
  • The Planner is the kind of person who knows exactly which direction their book is going and how they’ll get there. They know every person in the book and don’t deviate from the set path.
  • The Combination Writer (this is Jay, and myself), these people plan an outline of what is going to happen and who will take part in the journey; the also know what point A and B are, just not how they’ll get there and what they’ll encounter on the way.

He was questioned about staying original and having an own voice as a writer which can be quite hard to do given the number of authors out there. He said, that to write an original novel in any genre and have your own voice is to read everything! This way your voice is both influenced and informed by every genre; these include biographies, fiction, non-fiction, adult, YA, sci-fi, etc. This especially helps when conducting research for the book you are writing.

The Signing!

I did a little thing where I had to push in line to meet Jay as I needed to rush home and do homework, luckily his publicist was lovely enough to let me do so.

When I met Jay, I asked him if he’s ever played D&D and his face lit up, telling me he plays pretty much every week and that if I’m interested I should totally get involved. This filled me with joy as my friends and I are setting up a game after exams and it’s just a fun little thing to have in common with your favourite author.



Little goodies were given out at the signing table, including a map of the world in LifeL1k3, as well as bookmarks of four of the characters, making it super hard to choose which to use when I read the book.


I think I’ll use the second one, only because the orange matches the book and Amie said Lemon Fresh is her favourite character.


Other Stuff!

Before the event started I assisted Jess (@cakesandmadness) with setting up the cupcake stand. We snapped glowsticks, many of which were duds and refused to glow! It was quite therapeutic cracking the glowsticks and the display it turned out perfect, especially when Amanda came with more glowsticks.


I had a smooth (which just means I didn’t stutter and melt into a puddle of nerves) conversation with Amie about uni and writing; Jay’s wife Amanda about her gorgeous shoes. I love the fact That Amie can talk for hours on end about what she is passionate about. It’s lovely to listen to and quite soothing. Must be why I’m so obsessed with her instagram stories.


And not to forget all my awesome friends I got to see once again. It’s awesome to just go to a book event and know you’ll have people to talk to and friends to laugh with, especially when your social life is so ruled by university assignments and crippling stress. These events are my way to socialise and build up my confidence and talking skills and to be able to have this,  I am so proud to be a part of this community.




This is a major milestone and I am so so excited that I have finally reached the 10k mark. I really only now feel like I’ve written a decent chunk of the story, it has further motivated me to really persevere with this story and let it take me where it’s going.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 12.22.04 am


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Monday for another review 🙂


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