March TBR, because I finished my Jan TBR!

March TBR because I finished my Jan TBR Blog Header 2020 - March TBR, because I finished my Jan TBR!

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Yes, I said Jan TBR. I’m a slow reader. Since I left for Korea at the end of November 2019, till the end of January 2020 I read a total of 2.2 novels. I DNF’d a novel too (hence the .2) which made it a truly sad two months when it came to reading. Because of this, I didn’t make a TBR for February. Instead, in Feb I completed my January 2020 TBR, which was really just […]

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March TBR

screen shot 2019 03 08 at 9.57.29 pm - March TBR

Heyo Bookaholics! This has to be my favourite TBR so far! I’m not saying that I’ve changed, but this might be achievable. 5 books in 31 days, one of which has already been completed, a second of which I am already 30 pages in. The books I am planning to fly through this month include:  Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan Otherworld by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller Otherearth by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller Ida by Alison […]

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March TBR!!!

march 2018 tbr blog header - March TBR!!!

Heyo Bookaholics! So I unconsciously did a thing with my TBR last month in Feb, where, only after watching HaileyInBookland’s video March TBR | Books I want to read this month I realised this. In my TBR for February, I added 4 books each of a specific category:

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Books I Want To Buy In March 2018!

books to buy march 2018 blog header - Books I Want To Buy In March 2018!

Heyo Bookaholics! Wow so thinking of content that you’d all like to read is slightly hard when I am literally in a creative slump, but then I realised that I should write about something realistic! So today I bring to you a list of books I wish to waste my money on this month, and I think you should too! OKAY FRIENDS! GET READY FOR THE MASTER-LIST OF BOOKS I WANT BUT WON’T BE ABLE TO AFFORD BECAUSE *whispers* uni […]

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