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How To Make A REVERSIBLE Fabric Face Mask! A Step-By-Step Tutorial (With Pictures)

HOW TO MAKEA REVERSIBLE FACE MASK 2020 Header 1 - How To Make A REVERSIBLE Fabric Face Mask! A Step-By-Step Tutorial (With Pictures)

Hai Beautiful! WOW! 2020 just got even crazier! I don’t know how life is where you are, but in my state in Australia, we have been put back into lockdown and it is now mandatory to wear face masks, lest you wish to receive a hefty fine. So because of this, coupled with my desperate urge to add a creative touch to just about everything, a strong desire to make everything pink and the fact that I am stuck at home isolating […]

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Things That Bring Me Calm ☺️

Things That Bring Me Calm 2020 Header - Things That Bring Me Calm ☺️

Hai Beautiful! It’s Important To Practice Self-Care! I’ve been a little lost in my head this week and need to ground myself, so I’m writing this post as a way of self-care, both to myself and to remind you all how important self-care is. Aesthetic/ Study “Pinterest” Photos I spend so much of my time on Pinterest. Whether I’m just chilling on my phone or (not) doing work, you can bet I’m on Pinterest. I love to create all kinds […]

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This Awesome App Called Todoist #notspon

Todoist App Review 2019 Header - This Awesome App Called Todoist #notspon

Heyo Bookaholics! If you’re an organisation freak like I am, you’re going to adore this app! As you can tell, this isn’t a generic Monday Book Review, because today I’m talking about this organisation app that I am absolutely in love with and I want everyone to give it a go. I love organisation apps. I have trawled the app store many times to find the perfect app for organisation and keeping on top of tasks. I’ve downloaded, trialled and deleted […]

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Juggling University and Blogging: How Not to Have a Guilt-Induced Breakdown (SW #35)

Balancing Blogging and University  Life 2019 Blog Header Storytime Wednesday - Juggling University and Blogging: How Not to Have a Guilt-Induced Breakdown (SW #35)

Heyo Bookaholics! Real talk now. Side-note (get it, the note is on the other side of the screen (okay, I’m sorry)): Everything I speak about here is from my personal point of view/ experience and all remedies for this are what I personally find that works for me during these times. I also do not get paid to release content as most bloggers, I do so purely for creativity and expression. More often than not, when I do not post […]

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What To Bring To A Book Club Meeting!

What to Bring to a Book Club Meeting 2019 Header - What To Bring To A Book Club Meeting!

Heyo Bookaholics! Spicy tip time! It’s that time of the month again where I have attempted to read a chosen novel before the book club and fail horribly, showing up regardless. Today, TheYARoom are meeting at the State Library in Melbourne to discuss their chosen book for August, Wilder Girls by Rory Power. Wilder Girls is a dystopian novel set on an island at an all-girls which has been quarantined to contain a deadly disease, preventing its spread beyond the island. […]

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Changing Face: Blog Revamp!

blog revamp 2018 header - Changing Face: Blog Revamp!

Heyo Bookaholics! Jasper + Spice is getting a Premium Facelift! Firstly, I want to acknowledge that I do know today is a Wednesday and I would typically have a storytime up, but I seriously couldn’t wait to share this exciting news with you all and I promise a wonderful, well written and revised storytime for next week!! I think it’s about time I got serious about making this blog look and feel cute af! This blog is my dream and […]

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How to chose exercise books

img 20180118 0113591511428783 - How to chose exercise books

I am not sponsored by any of the companies I promote below, they are just places that I like to shop at and are all Australian stores (because that’s where I live), though most of them can ship internationally. Heyo Bookaholics! How are you guys liking the new headers? Comment below and tell me what you think of them in comparison to my other blog header images. Today I want to discuss with you choosing and buying exercise books for […]

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