The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert | Semi-Spoiler Free Book Review

The Hazel Wood Book Review by Melissa Albert 2020 Header - The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert | Semi-Spoiler Free Book Review

Hai Beautiful! This one was special! I was sent this book by Sara (@scientificstars/ scientificstars.com) when we did an annotated book swap a while back and I have finally gotten around to reading it. Because of this, I filmed an entire reading vlog for this novel which will be posted on Saturday Aug. 8th! Blurb Seventeen-year-old Alice and her mother have spent most of Alice’s life on the road, always a step ahead of the uncanny bad luck biting at their heels. But when […]

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Books I’m Reading In The Last Week Of May!

Books I want to finish before may is over 2020 Header - Books I'm Reading In The Last Week Of May!

Hai Beautiful! What an ah-MAY-zing reading month! Since I managed to read three 300-450 page novels in a week for the Because We Can Readathon last week, I have this idea that I can increase my TBR to insane levels and have it still be achievable. I had four books on my BCW Readathon TBR, three of which I read and one, Zenith, which I didn’t get to within the week. For real though, four books in seven days, even if I wasn’t doing […]

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Vengeance Blooms by Chloe Hodge | Spoiler Free Book Review

Vengeance Blooms by Chloe Hodge Spoiler Free Book Review - Vengeance Blooms by Chloe Hodge | Spoiler Free Book Review

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Support Self-Published Authors! I finally finished the last book on my January TBR!! *cue happy royalty-free cheer (that one from YouTube)* I’m pretty proud of me. After DNFing Wearing Paper Dresses which I wasn’t so into, I picked this novel up and my reading slump was evicted. I’m also happy to have connected with the author of this novel on Instagram, which lead me to purchasing her novel and giving it a go. Blurb: Orphaned and alone, […]

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Once & Future by A. Capetta & C. McCarthy | Non-Spoilery Book Review (YOU NEED TO READ THIS ONE!)

Once and Future Book Review 2019 Header - Once & Future by A. Capetta & C. McCarthy | Non-Spoilery Book Review (YOU NEED TO READ THIS ONE!)

Disclaimer: I received this novel from Bloomsbury publishing as an arc in exchange for a review. once & future was published on 3rd of June 2019. Heyo Bookaholics! What do we want? A gender-bent King Arthur retelling! When do we want it? Like right now!! You can actually have it!! If you follow me on Twitter or have read my August TBR you would already have a taste of what I think about this novel (spoiler: I think it’s f*cking […]

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Four Dead Queens Melbourne Book Launch!

four dead queens book launch 2019 header - Four Dead Queens Melbourne Book Launch!

Heyo Bookaholics! Not Just Another Melbourne Book Launch! On Thursday (the 28th of March), Astrid Scholte’s first novel, Four Dead Queens, was officially launched at Readings Bookstore in Carlton. The event was hosted by the amazing Amie Kaufman. The Interview As an experienced book event host, Amie has a unique way in which she conducts interviews. She will do all the introductions, and tell the audience to think of questions to ask the author she’s interviewing. Then she does a […]

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Over Her Face (SW#23) – Short Story

over her face 23 blog header - Over Her Face (SW#23) - Short Story

Heyo Bookaholics! It’s been busy. Once upon a time, there was a King who had two sons. One was tall with long blonde hair and broad shoulders. His name was Tristan. The other son was shorter, older with cropped chestnut brown hair, and the beginnings of a beard forming around his jaw. The King was content with his heirs. Two respectable young men who could hold their own in a battle. He raised them all on his own, with a […]

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The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead | Review

the glittering court book review header - The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead | Review

Hey Ho Bookaholics! This is a Tuesday post, and like I confessed in my previous post ‘Secret Life of A Book Blogger Tag’, I will post sometimes a day after the sceduled Saturday and Monday. I’m deliberately posting this today because I wanted to leave a day gap between the last post and this one. Goodreads Summary: Big and sweeping, spanning rom the refined palaces of Osfrid to the gold dust and untamed forests of Adoria, The Glittering Court tells the story […]

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November Wrap-Up

november wrap up header - November Wrap-Up

Hey Ho Bookaholics! In addition to wrapping up my monthly reading, I also wrapped up 13 years of compulsary schooling as of the tenth of this month. I gained alot of love from my September/ October wrap-up that I posted last month, and I really really liked how that post turned out, so I am back with another post very much like it! I will once again be sharing with you the books I read and bought this month, as […]

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The Hammer of Thor By Rick Riordan | Review

magnus chase and the hammer of thor review header image - The Hammer of Thor By Rick Riordan | Review

Hey Ho Bookaholics! It’s Monday again, and it’s been 30 dgrees celcius for three days now and I haven’t been able to use the pool at all! But not to fear, I’ve been working on this review all day and I have finally finally finished it. I hope you enjoy reading my review that was such a pain to write because I could not seem to gether all my thoughts together to sum up this wonderful masterpiece of a book. […]

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Harry Potter Mini Reviews

11 1 - Harry Potter Mini Reviews

Hey Ho Bookaholics! Today I bring to you my first ever thoughts on the most talked about book series of all time in this week’s post: Harry Potter Mini Reviews! Quite sadly I have never ever read the Harry Potter series before this, but I have watched the movies a bagillion times and have heard spoilers upon spoilers about the content from the books that weren’t included in the movies. So after completing my Harry Potter Book Collection I thought […]

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