November Wrap-Up

November Wrap-Up

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

In addition to wrapping up my monthly reading, I also wrapped up 13 years of compulsary schooling as of the tenth of this month.

I gained alot of love from my September/ October wrap-up that I posted last month, and I really really liked how that post turned out, so I am back with another post very much like it! I will once again be sharing with you the books I read and bought this month, as well as my favourite posts, and some news.

Make sure to pour the water into that cup of coffe or tea you were suppose to make half an hour ago, and get comfy because I did alot this month.


Books I Read in November.

In my November TBR post I created a pretty achievable TBR for myself consisting of 4 books total, of which I ended up reading 3 plus 1 review copy, which were sent to me from Allen & Unwin a few days after I posted my TBR, and another 2 books I randomly picked up. It doesn’t look like alot but it felt like I read so much more this month.

Books read in September (6):

  • This month I reviewed Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (non-spoiler), Magnus Chase and The Hammer of Thor, and Gemina. I was sent a paperback copy of the last one from Allen & Unwin Publishers.
  • I am currently reading The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles, and I hope to review it by March 2017 after its release date.
  • I will be posting reviews of Third Time Lucky, The Fith Avenue Artists Society, The Thousanth Floor, Stealing Snow, and The Glittering Court, in the comming weeks.


Cool Posts To Check Out!

celebrating the little things tag tgwrtm - November Wrap-Up In last months wrap-up I featured another post from The Girl Who Reads Too Much‘s Blog and this month I found another wonderful post. This book tag is so cute and full of gratitude it makes my heart melt! Go check out the Celebrating The Little Things Tag and celebrate all the little things in life.

books i recomend voldemort - November Wrap-UpThis awesome new series that The Bookworm Who Lived has started has got to be the most unique idea I’ve seen any book blogger do. She has started a series of posts where she recomends to fictional characters! Go check out her first post Books I Recomend Voldemort.

lets talk time management for bloggers - November Wrap-UpAnother helpful post for this month is one by She Latitude, called Time Management for Bloggers, a post that appealed to my ove of orgaisation and life hacks. This post is super helpful and I recoment everyone go have a read of it even if you are on track with your organising. It is a great read (and has some funny gifs).sparkling letters book blog my double standard in rating books do you do this too - November Wrap-Up

Sparkling Letters
opened my eyes to double standard in rating books – which I wasn’t even aware was a thing until I read her post. She speaks about comparing books of diferent genres to determine a rating and how these double standards are causing books to be rated unfairly. Please go read it and open your eyes to this unjustness in book rating.

Click on the photos to be teleported to the linked post.


Books I Purchased/ Acquired This Month!

I accuired books this month. I purchased 5 books, received 1 from an author, 2 books from Allen & Unwin and 1 book from Bloomsbury (on the first of December) for review.

img 6807 - November Wrap-Up

I didn’t even know I ended up with so many books this month! Although there are only 9 books, this has to be my biggest haul to date, which is actually so crazy. It seems like alot of books, but I know that without cash limits this haul would probably be 20 books long – no joke.

From Allen & Unwin I received The Fifth Avenue Artists Society by Joy Callaway, which if you follow me on Instagram you wil know was my first ever review copy and I was super excited when I received it! I was also sent Third Time Lucky by Karly Lane which I have already read (review will be posted Dec 8th).

Then I went out and purchased The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid from K-mart of course and I had to make the hard decision of whether to buy the black or white cover. I ended up buying the white cover and may buy the black in the future.

My mum bought me Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare and co. because she was at K-mart – and she loves me – but I’ve forgotten to pay her back… I then picked up the book Dennis Macaraeg (author) kindly sent me for review: Somewhere In The Shallow Sea.

Lastly I rushed over to The Book Grocer on High Street Northcote to support the business and pick up some Closing Down bargains. ALL BOOKS there are $6! I bought The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon (finally), The Bourne Objective by Eric Van Lustbader (I hope to buy more soon), and The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. The last two are hardbacks. So tell your friends and please support this business as I am so sad to see my local bookstore go, it will be dearly missed.

img 6785 1 - November Wrap-Up

Just yesterday I received a lovely Uncorrected proof of The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles from the lovely people over at Bloomsbury pulblishing.

Don’t forget to come back here on Monday to see the books I plan to read over the next 3 months of Summer!


Announcements – Hair, School + Everything Cool!

Hair: I got a haircut. Not just any haircut, but a 50cm chop! My hairdresser was so excited when I told him what I wanted to do with my hair since he doesn’t often get to chop peoples ponytails off. I’ve been growing my hair since my last haircut early 2015, and ikt was about time I made the chop. I cried when my hair was cut because I was so overwhelmed but relief set in later on, once I had actually realised what I had done.

My ponytail is being donated to the Variety Childrens Charity to be made into a wig for children with cancer. You can visit their website and see how you can help the children, or maybe even donate your own hair!

School: Exams = Done. Yep, my 13 years of compulsary schooling is all over and it feels kind of bittersweet. I have all this freedom and I have nothing to do with it, though luckily I have work soon so that’ll keep me busy!

I attended the last ever formal school function this month. My valadictory dinner was boringly fun (if that makes any sense). It felt as if no one wanted to be there but they all came for the lols. In the end is was a good night and gave everyone a chance to farewell their teacher and fellow students for the last time.

Everything Cool: Uhh… There’s really nothing cool, but if you made it this far congratulations! If you live in Melbourne message me! with all ths free time I’d love to meet and personally thank some of my readers because you all make me want to continue this blog xx


That Wraps Up my Wrap-Up! Have a lovely weekend and stay Happy and Healthy 🙂


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Monday 🙂

bree xoxo - November Wrap-Up

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