Unique Handmade Bookmarks Now Selling In The Shop!

Selling handmade bookmarks in my shop 2021 Blog Header - Unique Handmade Bookmarks Now Selling In The Shop!

Hai Beautiful! ✨ I have some news! ✨ This has been a long time coming. I mean literally months in the making. Promise after promise and all the inconsistent and seemingly random Instagram updates have lead up to this one epic moment; The launch of handmade bookmarks in my very own shop! It has always been a dream of mine to share my craft with people. Typically, I create unique and personalised handmade cards for friends and family and the […]

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Places to get free bookmarks in your city.

where to buy free bookmarks 2019 header - Places to get free bookmarks in your city.

 Heyo Bookaholics! Help yourself and the community! I was so stumped and at a loss for inspiration this week in what I should post, but I thought about it and it came to me: What’s better than helping the community? So, you know how everyone and anyone who reads thinks of a ‘free bookmark’ as a piece of scrap that just holds a page in their current read. Some boring household item like a receipt, tissue, postcard, etc. will not […]

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Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop Review

read the stars shop review blog header - Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop Review

Before I start this post, I want to apologise about the state of Jasper + Spice over the past week. The blog will be better tended to i promise, I have been very busy which is fuel for some very exciting upcoming posts! Hey Ho Bookaholics!  Welcome back to another Review Monday! Today I have chosen to review the bookmarks I received from Read The Stars Co.; an etsy shop that sells fandom bookmarks, mostly inspired by books. I ordered 6 […]

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Huge June Book Haul!

june book haul blog header - Huge June Book Haul!

Hey Ho Bookaholics! I went book shopping!! I don’t usually dedicate a day or a particular shopping trip to exclusively shop for books, but on Monday I splurged and bought a total of 13 books. I went with three other book loving friends who for the first time didn’t spend as much as me on books. Books This haul may not seem that big but I did buy all of these books in one day, and I set myself a […]

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