Storytime Wednesday: Top 3 Books That Changed My Life & Way Of Thinking

Storytime Wednesday: Top 3 Books That Changed My Life & Way Of Thinking

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There are many books that I remember reading as a child and that have shaped me as a person, but the books on this list are unlike those. The three books on this list not only shaped me as a person but shaped my mind and values and left a lasting impression on my mind that I never ever forget the titles or authors of these three.

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I recommend these books to EVERYONE who is looking for a new read.

  • More Than This
  • The Book Thief
  • The Edge Of Everything

And the newest addition to this list, The Things We Promise by J. C. Burke taught me about AIDS, and not only what it does to a person but also how it affects their family.

More Than This
This book is a crazy book that really makes you rethink the world you have been born into. Without spoiling anything, Ness plays with the idea of the world being transferred into a matrix; paired with his beautiful writing, he really makes you think about the type of world we live in.

The Book Thief
I hold this book in high regard as it talks about the importance of books as a tool for education as well as a way to bring together two sides of a battle neither side want to be involved in. It is also wonderfully written and has the story told from the view of Death as an entity, where he is neither dead or alive, just there watching over everyone and feeling the pain and devastation around him unable to escape it.

The Edge of Everything
This book was sent to me as an ARC from Bloomsbury and I fell in love with it instantly, and to be completely honest I don’t have a really deep reason why it is on this list, aside from the fact that I have never had an intense instant connection with a book before. I couldn’t even relate to the characters but I somehow became them. I felt the rage and anger; the happiness and bubble bursting relief in each moment. I really appreciated that the book centres around the true family of the character and the determination to keep the family together and save every member. For a fantasy book to have the true family be protected and saved, and even just included, is a big deal for me.


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