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Storytime Wednesday: Top 3 Books That Changed My Life & Way Of Thinking

three books that changed the way i perceive the world blog header - Storytime Wednesday: Top 3 Books That Changed My Life & Way Of Thinking

Hey Ho Bookaholics! There are many books that I remember reading as a child and that have shaped me as a person, but the books on this list are unlike those. The three books on this list not only shaped me as a person but shaped my mind and values and left a lasting impression on my mind that I never ever forget the titles or authors of these three. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you […]

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Book Challenge May 12

13 - Book Challenge May 12

I don’t really take my books out of the house much, mostly because I very rarely go out, and also because I’m a little bit scared that my books will be damaged. These beautiful quotes are featured at the beginning of More Than This by Patrick Ness who is one of the most amazing writers I have encountered thus far and is probably second to J.K. Rowling in my Top 3 Authors.   The Quotes featured are… “You ask  a question in […]

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Book Challenge May 1

may book challenge - Book Challenge May 1

It is May 1st and time to start the #CERJSMay16BookChallenge     My TBR list for this month consists of another three book; More Than this, Patrick Ness The Rest of us Just Live Here, Patrick Ness All The Bright Places, Jennifer Niven   I can’t wait to get stuck into these! Till Tomorrow; Bree xx   © Jasper+Spice 2015. All Rights Reserved. Please do not use without permission. This was originally posted on my Instagram @jasperandspice.

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