To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Screening and Review!

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Ever since the announcement of this movie, I’ve been super excited to see this fluffy, cute feel-good contemporary book to movie adaptation! I personally haven’t read the books but I wanted to go into the movie not really having any expectations for the characters or the outcome of the movie.

3:00pm – Tracy and I leave for the City.

The day started off fun. Tracy (I’ve mentioned her many times, no need for introductions), and I left for the city after making ourselves look pretty as heck with make-up, and you bet we took tonnes of photos of each other! On Tracy’s request, we went straight to MPalza – a Korean beauty store – and fell for all the cute and practical beauty items, buying more goods to hide in my bathroom.

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We met up with Caite in the city and decided to get some food before heading off to the venue. The crazy bipolar Melbourne weather not on our side for today, the icy winds mixed with the pouring rain did nothing to dampen our mood tho; even as we reached the bay.


We were early to the venue and spent some time looking at the view and taking some lovely photos. I vlogged a fair amount of this part as we were quite confused as to 1. where the entrance was, and 2. why the doors opened at 6:20; meaning we had to wait outside in the cold. Though no sooner had we began complaining, more people started showing up and the conversation and laughter warmed us until the doors opened.

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The venue was set up so nicely! The girls from The YA Room had set out cupcakes and little tubs of decorations for them like pearls and sprinkles of all shapes and colours. They had popcorn and beautiful signs and EVERYTHING was pink I was in heaven! They really captured the aesthetic of the novel.

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Like I said above, I went into this movie unsure of what to expect. In complete honesty, I went into this only knowing that it is a fluffy lovey contemporary with an American Asian lead; and I got so so so much more fluff and love than what I was expecting. All the awkward moments didn’t even give me second-hand awkward feels either which I loved because that means I wasn’t holding my breath and I was purely enjoying the film.

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I don’t want to spoil anything from the novel or the movie, but I think it’s safe to say that the family dynamics between the sisters was my favourite part, second to all the fluffy and controversial romance that was occurring not only in Laura Jean’s own bubble but outside it too.

Sometimes we do feel invisible and like our own problems are in our own personal bubble. I related to Laura Jean on that part and how she didn’t realise how important she is until all her secrets were released. She was known and seen by many more people than she thought. She was more important to many others that she thought, and I believe that that is an important point to take away from the movie; that there are people who see you and know you, and sometimes it means taking risks to know this.

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I’d love to hear your thought on the TATBILB movie, and if you haven’t seen it before, comment your thoughts on what you expect to see in the movie xx

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