Come Back (Dystopian) | Storytime Wednesday

Come Back (Dystopian) | Storytime Wednesday

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Welcome back to another storytime. This will be a little different because today I’ll be sharing with you a snippet from my book The Inversion!

This a post to hopefully ease my writer’s block and lead me on the path to another 10,000 words. This will not be directly from the book, rather an inspiration piece I’d written while on my lunch break at work.

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Come Back – Story Snippet

Julien holds the cool metal binoculars up to his face, his eyes refreshed by the cold metal which began to turn warm under his touch. He already knew that rings would become present around his eyes when he eventually let go, but that won’t happen until he sees her.

He had seen her leave this morning, the tiniest sound she made when she slid on her boots woke him up, but only slightly with the thought that she’d be back before the first meal.

He was wrong; and so he sat, stood and knelt; from the first meal to third, his binoculars pressed tight to his head hoping she’d appear.

“Why can’t we go looking for her?!” Julien fretted, without taking his sight off of the open expanse of the ruined city outside. It looked like a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, and nuclear bomb had ripped through the city at once, then just disappeared.

Droplets of water and debris clung to the space between the land and sky, within it, miscellaneous objects spun around suspended in mid-air. Julien didn’t flinch when he spied a chair rotating on an axis opposite to that that the earth currently spun on; though it still alluded him as to how all of this is possible.

“You’re the one with his head glued to the window.” A voice replied to his question. “You tell me if it is safe enough out there to go looking for her. It’s only gotten worse.” Joe glared at the back of his head, eyes portraying annoyance.

“It’s safe enough for me.” Julien replied back sourly, though he knew that not even Joe would venture out there.

“You’re a fool if you think that shit out there wouldn’t kill you if it tried.”

“So you’re saying she’s dead!?” Julien whipped around at this, his attention clear of the glass, a killer glare fixed on Joe across the room.

“No dumbass! I’m saying you’d die if you went out there prettyboy!” Joe screamed across the room, body arched forward ready to attack. He saw Julien flinch, adjust his posture and stand up straighter. His defiance amusing Joe who chuckled and walked off into the other room, his growling voice trailing behind him.

“Give up kid.”

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Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Saturday 🙂

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