Storytime Wednesday: Why Do We Hate School Books?

Storytime Wednesday: Why Do We Hate School Books?

Do we hate a book if we have a negative mindset when we start reading it brought upon by being forced into it? Would everyone have liked it if they had chosen to read it?

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

Today we discuss why students hate their allocated school books and if this hatred would’ve formed if they’d chosen to read this book on their own.

I personally embraced all of my school books and still own a few of them from year 7 and 10. I always went the extra mile to read the rest of the series if the books chosen were a part of a series and would always keep my opinion of the books to myself as I was probably the only person in the year level who liked the book.

But this post isn’t about how much of a book nerd I am; it is about me trying to understand how others cannot appreciate random books the way I do.

I believe that there is a stigma around the books chosen by schools that stems from a student’s dislike for school and more personally, their dislike for the English subject. I also think, as it has affected my reading experience, that there is a quick decline in the appreciation of the book due to all of the unappealing work  that is done about the book.

It really upsets me that more often students do not even take the chance to read the book and immediately says that “it’s shit” or “who even reads?” In all honesty, not embracing and bothering to read the book, because it is a book (regardless one being appointed by the school), is ridiculous and will put your grades in jeopardy.

So to anyone reading this who has to read school books – and even bookaholics dislike the books schools assign – please read your school books prior to the start of term and with the class during term. This will ensure you get the best grades you can and your teachers will know who has put the effort into reading the book from the work they receive.

Tell me in the comments why you think – or why you dislike – the books school has assigns students.


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