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Where to Buy Cheap Textbooks

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Heyo Bookaholics! We have reached the third post in my back to school series and today I want to discuss something my mother is very passionate about; and that is purchasing textbooks at a cheap price. You see textbooks are so expensive! It’s horrific and as you get older, every year the books seem to rise in price by almost $10 each book, with some (thankfully not may) schools requiring you to purchase a hardback book, which as us bookworms […]

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Storytime Wednesday: Why Do We Hate School Books?

why do we hate school books  blog header1 - Storytime Wednesday: Why Do We Hate School Books?

Do we hate a book if we have a negative mindset when we start reading it brought upon by being forced into it? Would everyone have liked it if they had chosen to read it? Hey Ho Bookaholics! Today we discuss why students hate their allocated school books and if this hatred would’ve formed if they’d chosen to read this book on their own. I personally embraced all of my school books and still own a few of them from […]

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