Questions About My OC From A Random Pinterest Post (SW#51)

Questions About My OC From A Random Pinterest Post (SW#51)

Hai Chickadees!

I’m procrastinating (if you couldn’t tell).

Welcome back to another Storytime Wednesday where I chat about my writing, give you updates and chat about what I’m currently writing. If you have any questions about my writing, drop them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them in a post.

I found this post (below) on Pinterest as I was scrolling, pinned it to my writing board and continued scrolling until I thought of this brilliant idea. Because I’m still 70 people away from 1k on my Instagram account (@thebookishbree), no one will ask me questions about my WIP.

*cue fake tears*

Nah, I’m only joking, I’ll talk about my writing whether people care or not. Honestly, it really helps me write and if it improves my progress, why stop?

For today’s post, I’m going to answer these OC Ask questions I found on Pinterest. They’re obviously from a Tumblr post in which the original writer’s name has been cropped from the image, but all credit goes to them (of course).

I asked on my IG stories for numbers which will correlate to a question in the above list. I received a couple of responses and used a random number generator to find the rest.

1 - Questions About My OC From A Random Pinterest Post (SW#51)

I’m doing this OC Ask about my main character of my current WIP. Her name is Alyson and I have written about her in previous posts, such as the one where I created my MCs in the Sims4.

20. What kind of accent do they have?

The entire story is set in Melbourne, Australia, a place very familiar to me. I wanted my characters to be from immigrant families but be very stereotypical as they were brought up more Aussie than anything.

It’s what I’m used to, so I thought it would be fun and quite frankly, easy to write into young characters.

Alyson has an Australian accent with an Italian influence, thus making her voice a little deeper. Her pronunciation of most words have a little European flair to them too.

17. They’re stranded on an island and can only have 4 items and one companion, who and what do they bring?

◊ phone (duh)
◊ water bottle, refillable
◊ diary & pen (these are one thing. fight me)
◊ tweezers, sharp ones (they’re multifunctional)

Companion: Lorena, her best friend, also featured in the I created my MCs in the Sims4 blog post.

3. What do they wear when they’re hanging out at home?

Plaid, pattered Peter Alexander flannel pants or low-rise trackie pants with pockets, her comfiest pairs were purchased from the boy’s section. Paired with a baggy t-shirt on a warmer day, or a trashy hoodie (with sleeves for Slenderman) over a sports bra, or no bra, on a colder day.

15. Have they ever lost somebody they loved?

No. This isn’t essential to the story or to the character as a person, so I made sure all their loved ones remain alive. For now.

12. Favourite holiday?


I’m personally not big on Halloween but Alyson loves it!! She loves getting dressed up, eating sweets and wearing orange and black all reason long. You can never have enough spooky-patterned items of clothing.

6. What will always make them smile?

There are a lot of things. Here’s a short list:

  • Mostly pretty girls,
  • Pattered shirts (or any article of clothing),
  • People being genuinely happy,
  • Books. Lots of books!
  • Friendship bracelets,
  • Halloween,
  • Yellow and any variation of yellow as it scales to black.

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe learnt a bit more about my WIP.

If you want me to do more of these questions, let me know in the comments, maybe even comment a number from the list, and I’ll happily work them into another post xx

If you are following me on IG, you will be seeing regular updates on my word count. I have recently reached a HUGE milestone!! If you have missed my updates on my IG stories, you can always go over to the highlights on my profile to rewatch catch up on all my updates.

Something I want to mention:
I’ve become aware that when I write these posts, I am not clear if I’m writing to one person or everyone reading this. Constantly switching between “you” and “you all” when addressing the audience of my post.
Even though. I do proofread my posts, I’m doing better to fix this issue. I want to make the posts more personal and directed towards the individual reading it.

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