Flight Vol. 1 Edited by Kazu Kibuishi | Review

Flight Vol. 1 Edited by Kazu Kibuishi | Review

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I have returned with another book review. This time I have read a comic book titled Flight. I got this book for a bargain $6 at The Book Grocer, and looking online last night to purchase the second volume, I noticed that these comics retail for almost $35 Australian Dollars! It’s ridiculous no wonder not many people read comics now days.

flight volume 1 - Flight Vol. 1 Edited by Kazu Kibuishi | Review

Goodreads Summary:

Flight Volume One features stories by professionals and non-professionals alike, all playing on the theme of flight in its many incarnations. From the maiden voyage of a home-built plane to the adventures of a young courier and his flying whale to a handful of stories about coming of age and letting things go, this first volume of Flight is full of memorable tales that will both amaze and inspire.




I went into this without any prior knowledge of the comics inside and originally thought it was one full story, but alas! This volume is made up of stories by 21 graphic novelists, containing stunning illustrations and captivating stories that leave you begging for more.

I want to incorporate more graphic novels into my reading diet, and when I found this book for a $6 steal I decided to give it a go. I have read graphic novels before; some titles being The Wicked and The Divine and Saga which I fell in love with but have had to put on hold due to there being no copies at my local library.

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Going into this book blind may not’ve been a good idea as I expected some sort of storyline to go with the amazing artwork, and while the art was different with each story from each novelist, many of the comics lacked a clear story.

As I said, I found the different art styles very enjoyable to look at but my problem with comics especially those with a lack of words is that I actually don’t understand the storyline, and sometimes the story ends without a real solid conclusion which angers me because they’ve given me a beautiful series of images and I can’t make anything of them.


I am going to give this book a rating of ★★✩✩✩ (two) out of five stars, due to the fact that many of the stories lacked a proper coherent storyline, which I was really disappointed in.


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Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here on Wednesday 🙂

bree xoxo - Flight Vol. 1 Edited by Kazu Kibuishi | Review

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