Operation Sin: Agent Carter by Immonen and Ellis | Comic Book Review

Heyo Bookaholics! My first Marvel appearance! So I don’t usually buy comic books, because they retail for approximately $25 at the least for a volume of Saga, and at least $30-$40 for Marvel branded comics. I will only pick them up when they are at a cheap or highly discounted price, much like this one […]

Flight Vol. 1 Edited by Kazu Kibuishi | Review

Hey Ho Bookaholics and Humans Alike, I have returned with another book review. This time I have read a comic book titled Flight. I got this book for a bargain $6 at The Book Grocer, and looking online last night to purchase the second volume, I noticed that these comics retail for almost $35 Australian […]

I bought more Books!! (September edition)

Welcome back ¬†Bookaholics! This post, as the title suggests is going to be all about the books I purchased this September, and in the last few days of August, because I have somehow accumulated more than usual. This is my second post in two days! Wow, you guys are lucky. I hope you all liked […]