FIRST IMPRESSIONS Book Haul + April Wrap-Up!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS Book Haul + April Wrap-Up!
Disclaimer: This is NOT A REVIEW! This post is not sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishing but they were kind enough to send me the book that is the inspiration and centre of this post.

Heyo Bookaholics!

I see people on YouTube all the time doing these first impressions clothing and/or makeup hauls where they receive products from a company and share their first reactions on camera. So I thought, since I never read the blurb before I read the book, what better way to do a wrap-up and haul of only 1 book, than to do a first impressions/ what I think will happen based solely off of the title and any other snippets on the book’s back and front cover.

On Monday, I received a package from Bloomsbury which contained a red book with large white writing on the front: ALL OF THIS IS TRUE. Written by Lygia Day Peñaflor – an author I’d never heard of before – this uncorrected proof doesn’t have the final cover, and instead of a summary on the back cover it has two quotes from the text, which makes this game all the more fun!

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Vibes + Impressions!

Once I pulled this from the packaging, the red gave me all the murder mystery tingles!

So judging from the title All Of This Is True, the blood read colour of the book, and the image of the girls on the cover leads me to believe that this book will be about a group of girlfriends who have some drama between them. There is possibly one girl is queen bitch and is in a way isolated from the rest of the group due to some secret she keeps or maybe something she’s done; and all the other girls in the group speak of her in a curious and uncivil manner.

I feel like this book will be full of secrets, murder (and oodles of blood), and lots of bitchiness. I think I’m just super keen on the blood and bitchiness. Especially when given the line; “Fatima was never our friend.” I feel that I can’t be too far from the truth of plot.

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Extra hints come on the form of this postcard that came with the book:

“You can’t hug a lion and be surprised when he bites you.”

A quote from the book that seems like a metaphor – unless they have a real lion in the book then I am so here for that too. To be honest, I’m here for it all. All of This Is True has a very mysterious and unpredictable vibe to it, with intrigue at first glance despite its simple appearance.

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And lastly, despite having written and laid out this post to perfection, I am still yet to read the summary of the novel. I want to go in completely blind, but for those of you who are still curious as to what may happen and wish to make a more informed decision on this book, you can read the included blurb I found off of Goodreads.

All of This Is True is 421 pages and will be released on the 15th of May 2018 by Bloomsbury Publishing.

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For those of you who are interested in the book and are unsure if you want to read it for yourself; here is the blub from Goodreads to make up your mind!

Miri Tan loved the book Undertow like it was a living being. So when she and her friends went to a book signing to meet the author, Fatima Ro, they concocted a plan to get close to her, even if her friends won’t admit it now. As for Jonah, well—Miri knows none of that was Fatima’s fault.

Soleil Johnston wanted to be a writer herself one day. When she and her friends started hanging out with her favourite author, Fatima Ro, she couldn’t believe their luck—especially when Jonah Nicholls started hanging out with them, too. Now, looking back, Soleil can’t believe she let Fatima manipulate her and Jonah like that. She can’t believe that she got used for a book.

Penny Panzarella was more than the materialistic party girl everyone at the Graham School thought she was. She desperately wanted Fatima Ro to see that, and she saw her chance when Fatima asked the girls to be transparent with her. If only she’d known what would happen when Fatima learned Jonah’s secret. If only she’d known that the line between fiction and truth was more complicated than any of them imagined. . . .

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll have a review for All of This Is True in the coming weeks, after its release date on May 15th 2018! So be sure to pick up a copy when it comes out in your country and let me know your thoughts either on here or on Instagram (@thebookishbree) xxx


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Monday 🙂

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