Professional Interviews Horror Storytime #4

Professional Interviews Horror Storytime #4

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Today was a crazy day, and as I promised you all on Instagram, I have a (slightly dramatised) Interview Horror story and life lesson to share. This will be told in narrative form and is inspired by what happened to me today in my professional interviews.

I hope you find enjoyment from this, please comment letting me know if you like this story series because I love writing them.

I didn’t go to my interviews like this, but how cute is my hair, and my outfit, and that flash!?!?!? Moral of this is show off when you think you look cute because 100% of the time you actually look cute af! Also, this was casual day at work and casual day is the best day ever!

OOPS for rambling! Continue to the story xxx

The Interview Freeze!

You know that feeling between excited and nervous? Yeah, well that’s me right now.

I’m still buzzing with the high of my last interview that went so so well! It ended almost two hours ago now and my stomach is turning.

“I need food” I mumbled to myself as I stared through the windows of the surrounding shops. Pastries and sandwiches lined the windows, and signs promised warmth and boasting cheap coffee (something hard to find in the city). Nervous, I reluctantly ignored all of these tempting options instead, making my way over to my last interview location.

The shadow from the tall ten-ish story building loomed over me, the company name plastered on every window and pillar and lanyard, it was quite an assault to my eyes.

“Excuse me Sir!” I stopped a middle-aged man in his tracks. He wore a company lanyard on which hung a keycard and his Myki. “Can you please direct me to the concierge desk?” He seemed nice enough and smiled when he realised I was just lost.

“Sure, it’s just this way. What are you here for?” He began walking towards the escalators.

“An interview. It’s a business placement as a part of my uni course.” I explained to him, fumbling with the papers inside my bag nervously. The escalators weren’t long but we had a decent conversation and he wished me luck before going on his way. If I thought it could only get better from here I was dead wrong.

In short, I was there one and a half hours too early; grabbed food; went back to get a visitors pass then waited for someone to collect me from the waiting area and started freaking out when they were five minutes late; then walked into the meeting room terrified and nervous.

The interview was no better.

Well look, it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t a good experience. I was shaking and a mess of nerves from the start, continuing to spiral further down from there. With each stumbled word or “wrong” answer I began losing eye contact and swinging in the spinny chair I was in. It really didn’t go well. I was a true mess of nervous laughter and wrong answers.

“So you know, the questions we ask in this interview will follow a recurring theme, so be sure to remember them for future interviews.” One of the interviewers (there were three), made an effort to inform me. It could’ve been the way I was fumbling with my papers, but he could probably feel the nervousness radiating off of me.

I blinked hard, taken aback by the particular question regarding my weaknesses. I’m still unsure if it was a test but I answered quite honestly – probably too honestly. The interviews I’d experienced prior were unlike this one which further added to my nervousness.

“Thank you for your time.” We all stood up, shook hands and said a formal goodbye, all the while I was trying not to show that I was shaking madly.

“I’ll walk you to the elevator.” One of the interviewers said, standing up and leading me from the room. At this, I took my opportunity and in turn learn the best lesson about interviews.

“How did I go in my interview? Is there any feedback you can give me?” I asked this, and instantly I received mostly positive feedback regarding my answers to the situational/ behavioral question, and as expected, some negative feedback as I was told to ensure I thoroughly research the company and job role prior to the interview – which may seem easy in practice, but more work for someone who fails to recall information under pressure.

I thanked him for all the feedback, stepping into an elevator further evaluating and sorting through the whole experience in my head. I don’t regret any of my actions in and after the interview as it was a valuable learning experience, one which I hope to look back on in the future and use to better myself.

I walked back to the station with a glazed over look, smiling at dogs along the way, hopping on the first train home – which to my excitement, just so happened to be an express, cutting travel time by half!

Tell me your interview horror stories in the comments below xx

Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Saturday 🙂

bree xoxo - Professional Interviews Horror Storytime #4

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