What Happened During NaNoWriMo 2020?

What Happened During NaNoWriMo 2020?

Hai Beautiful!

I’m back to my usual blogging schedule!

I last spoke about my writing in this post titled: Announcing my 2020 NaNoWriMo Project. It was actually the last writing post before I disappeared from blogging in hopes to make more time for writing. In theory that was a great idea and in reality, it helped me to reduce stress, but did I write more?

In my NaNo Announcement post, I spoke about starting my second WIP (which I am still currently working on). I detail all the ways I am tracking my progress, where you can find updates, where I’m uploading the story and more. To avoid repeating myself and making this post tooo long, I recommend you go read that post (linked here or by clicking on the image below).

Once you’ve done that, come back here for all the up-to-date goss 🙈

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Are you all caught up?

Awesome, let’s get into the update!

In November I wrote…
                            4,000 words!

Or something around that mark. Pretty sure I started off the month with roughly 10k (according to the first update on my Twitter update thread. At this point, it’s the only reason I use Twitter now.

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If you want an easy way to keep up with whenever I write, post a writing vlog/ blog post or a Wattpad chapter, follow my Twitter update thread. I don’t write much so there aren’t many tweets to go through (at this point).

In my latest Writing Vlog, I mentioned that I think I wrote anywhere between 7 to 10 days in November. A pretty poor effort on my part but I learnt some things about my own writing and general daily routines from that experience.

Pacemaker Tracker

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Here is a little looksie at the tracker I am currently working with. I still want to keep that goal of 85k words by the end of February 2021 and I do truly hope to write heaps in Jan and Feb of next year.

Wattpad Upload

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I have mentioned it many times already, so here is the link for the Wattpad upload of my book. You can read it by clicking the link above or by clicking on the image.

You are by no means obliged to check it out, but if you do please let me know! Also, if you have any feedback (constructive/positive only) please drop a comment xx

Writing Vlogs!

I made two writing vlogs over the course of NaNoWriMo 2020 and have attached a playlist below which includes all of my writing vlogs about my current WIP!

I really enjoy making the writing vlogs but they take forever to edit since I edit them the night before I intend to post as I like to film up till the last day. This means I do end up posting them later than expected. So vlogs won’t be common on my channel until I can find a more efficient way to produce them.

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Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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