My Favourite Lipstick & It’s Tragic Story… – Beauty Guru Pt.2

My Favourite Lipstick & It’s Tragic Story… – Beauty Guru Pt.2

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Heyo Bookaholics!

I’m pretty excited about this post, because I have found the most perfect everyday lipstick for me. It is smooth, pigmented, and beautifully scented, though despite the wonderful scent, I’d recommend never tasting it.

But a bad thing has happened….img201802011929361815544328 e1517637433617 - My Favourite Lipstick & It's Tragic Story... - Beauty Guru Pt.2

Terrible Thing! My favourite nude Bare Minerals branded lipstick that I purchased from Mecca has gone missing, and at this point in time is untraceable. It smelled satisfyingly like orange Tic-Tacs and it was my every day lipstick, I have searched everywhere but cannot find it! So sadly, Camel (yeh I gave it a name), will not be making an appearance in this weeks post.

In light of the above situation, I will speak about my favourite lipstick and then show you the rest of my large-for-a-make-up-hater lipstick collection!

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My Favourite Lippy!

I tried to find a photo of the lipstick on the Mecca website and because I can’t remember the exact shade (I wasn’t aware that I’d lose it), so I found the lippy on the left which looks similar to mine.

Retailer: Mecca Maxima
Brand: Bare Minerals
Price: $26 AUD
Size: 4ml
Product Name: GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipcolour
Product Style: Om - Caramel Nude

I know I’ve said it trice already, but I cannot get over the amazing smell of the lippy! Every time I applied it I sniffed it, and I couldn’t put my finger on what the smell was until I ate orange flavour Tic-Tacs.

The lippy uses a weird spongy brush that I don’t actually know what it’s called, but it is so much easier to use on a day to day basis unlike the traditional lipstick. When applied, and let sit for a few seconds, there is very very minimal transfer from lips to whatever object the lips touch.

My Other Lipsticks

I am no beauty guru, but for me – a person who resents all make-up for no reason at all – approximately 16 lipsticks in my possession is crazy for me.

img20180201192929730874362 - My Favourite Lipstick & It's Tragic Story... - Beauty Guru Pt.2

Above are all the lipsticks I own, though some should be disposed off due to their age (do lippys expire?), and because they do not work at all!

As you can see, most of these are fairly full and that is because I only started wearing lipsticks and lipgloss a year ago; so most of what you can see were purchased in 2017, and I only buy more for the aesthetics.

My favourite brand in my lipstick buying escapade has to be Mecca and Revlon. In a later post, I will speak about why I tend to go for these brands, and why I started wearing lipstick in the first place.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I would totally recommend that you go buy the Bare Minerals lipstick, especially if you are olive skinned like me, it is the perfect nude colour and smells amazing!!!


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Friday 🙂

bree xoxo - My Favourite Lipstick & It's Tragic Story... - Beauty Guru Pt.2

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