I Chopped All My Hair Off!

I Chopped All My Hair Off!

Heyo Bookaholics!

Three Years In The Making!

I’m not actually baiting you with the title, because I really did chop all of my hair off. Okay, well most of it. Enough to have people do a double take and question who I am when they see me.

Let’s go from the beginning…

The First Chop:

As a child – and teenager – I was always that girl who vowed to grow her hair all the way down to her ankles and idolised everyone who had long hair. Every hairdresser appointment was a nightmare for me, but my hair grows fast so I wasn’t that sad. I’ve always had a good relationship with my hair, never died it and I’ve always loved how beautiful it looks natural.

Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 10.26.43 pm - I Chopped All My Hair Off!
My hair in 2016 (don’t judge the face it was 2016)

Anyways, fast forward to the end of high school; semester 4, pre-exams, I’d made a mostly anxiety induced decision that I was going to chop all of my hair off, and if you’d known me, you’d know that this is very very out of character. I told no one about this plan, and when the time came I brought a good friend of mine along for the ride.

Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 10.27.07 pm 298x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off! Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 10.27.21 pm 239x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!






The above is the outcome of that first chop. I was BEYOND nervous, and my hairdresser found lots of enjoyment in taking an excruciatingly long time to cut my hair. In the end, it was all off, gone and never going back on; I shed a few tears, took some goodbye photos and just sat awestruck as I processed my life choices.

My hairdresser donated the 50cm of my natural hair to the Variety Children’s Foundation upon my request, and honestly, it was the strangest feeling to have so little hair on my head.

The Deal.

After this, I made a pact with myself that at the end of my uni degree, in three years when my hair would be long enough, I would do another huge chop… and colour! Colour is something I’ve never ever thought of doing before and after the second chop at the ripe age of 20, seems a good time.

3 Years Later…

Fast forward 3 years to a couple of weeks ago, and I find myself sitting in a hairdressing chair in Areastia Designs’ new studio with no nerves about cutting off my hair, but all the nerves about my decision to put colour in it. Oh well, here goes.

First plaits, then the chop!

april 2019 05 25 16 26 31 838 300x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off! IMG20190518085451 300x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!

This is my hair ‘before’. It is wavy because of the braids I had through it the night before otherwise, it is dead straight. I don’t have a photo of the plaits in my hair, but my hairdresser David measured it out to be 40cm each one – there were 4 total.

IMG 20190525 163341 904 300x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off! IMG20190518094034 300x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!

So it happened. Unlike the first time, I wasn’t nervous at all and just let my hair fall into hands with ease.

I think, ever since I made the first decision to donate my hair, I had already come to terms with it just being hair and at the end of the day I can grow it back and others can’t. I am so so grateful I have beautiful natural hair, and I hope both my donations go to people who need it and appreciate it as well as the emotions that go into such a big change.

Now on to the colour…….. *cue anxiety*

IMG20190518103104 300x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!IMG20190518103055 300x300 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!

Here are some beautiful photos of me foils in my hair. After the BUBBLEGUM PINK colour was smooshed on to various teased sections of my hair, and ten thousand paranoid questions to my hairdresser later, my head was full of foils.

30 mins later – the amount of time I was told the foils would stay in for – no one had come to take the foils out, and my lack of education in hair colouring lead me to go a little crazy. In the end, the foils came out and the colour was revealed. Spoiler Alert: It’s Perfect!

IMG 5518 e1559741558563 683x1024 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!

I told my hairdresser that I wanted my hair to be pink, but subtle and work appropriate. He completely nailed it, and I can even use pink shampoo for when it fades.

received 456941105212345 1024x682 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!

Here is another shot of it in daylight that my best friend Tracy (@trufflebooks) took, making me look amazing with her talent in photography!

Once again, all my hair was donated to the Variety Children’s Foundation which makes wigs for all cancer patients. My hair is now the shortest it’s ever been and I’m loving it, as I hope the recipients of my hair love their new wigs!

I’m still getting used to my new hair, styling it and just trying to figure out how much shampoo and conditioner to use but if you have any short hair treatment tips let me know!

2 e1530100090524 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!

What’s the most dramatic change you’ve made in your life??? xx

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1 - I Chopped All My Hair Off!

With Love Bree xx

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