Learning How To Do Make-Up! – Beauty Guru Pt.1

Learning How To Do Make-Up! – Beauty Guru Pt.1

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Hey Ho Bookaholics and Humans Alike,

It’s only 5 days till Christmas and what better time it is for me to learn how to do make up! I have had my artistically talented best friend come over to my house to show me the basics, and the fiddly bits as to how she does her make-up so well. And so you think the story would end in me tragically destroying my face with an eyeliner marker; but alas! It did not, keep reading and you will see how talented I can be 🙂

img201712211758182139485129 - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

I want to put a quick disclaimer here saying that I am in no way a beauty expert (far from it), and all opinions are that of a beginner and what I have seen on YouTube. Please take this as a light-hearted post which will mark the beginning of my make-up evolution into a beauty guru.
I also want to say that this post excludes all of my lipsticks of which I have about 17 ( including a tinted lip balm). I will make another post showcasing all of my lipsticks and a lipstick make-up look.

Before actually deciding to become a beauty guru, I purchased a make-up bag (looks more like a box tbh) because it is cute and I also own lots of nail polish, which it was my initial idea to store them in!

I’ve been eyeing off the below set of brushes at Sportsgirl for ages; until one day they finally went on sale and I snatched them up unsure whether I was actually going to use them or not.

img20171221180324202122885 - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

The set contains an ‘eye blend’ brush, but apparently I need a special eyeshadow brush that is more fluffier and less narrow. Lucky for me I found one at Coles the other day, yet again on sale (not featured above)!

The first make-up product I purchased was from Mac. I don’t know if this was a good idea, but mum has a Mac foundation, and to cover my redness I went out and bought one (being sure to do my research before hand).

I started off using a brush (like the lady at Mac did), but it was horrible! Maybe because I purchased it from Daiso for $2.80 thinking I wouldn’t use foundation as often as I now plan to. Bless my mother for giving me a beauty blender.

img20171221180347308175441 - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

Aside from the Mac Foundation and the beauty blenders, I purchased all of the other products within the past two weeks. I bought most of the below products Target as they had 50% off all make-up products, and I didn’t want to buy expensive products as I want to be okay with wasting them as I am a beginner, and I will be practicing (and failing).

Below is a list of the products I own:

  • NYX Photo-Loving Primer
  • BYS Liquid Illuminator: Strobe
  • NYX Full Coverage Concealer
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base
  • STARLET Lose Powder: Bronzing
  • Eyebrow Gel
  • MAYBELLINE Brow Precise: Dark Brown
  • NYX Two Timer Eyeliner: Jet Black
  • MAYBELLINE Full ‘N Soft Mascara
  • BYS Compact Foundation: Natural Beige
  • BOOHOO.COM Silicone Beauty Blender
  • Eyeshadow Palette (I didn’t purchase)
  • Not Pictured TARGET Exfoliating Make-Up Wipes

img201712211801511604747980 - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

Below is the look my best friend helped me create:

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img201712141726281234041640 - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

The eyeshadow used is from her Naked 2 palette. Lipstick is from Mecca in shade Poison Ivy, which in normal light looks a bit more brownish but for some reason came out a red shade in the photo.

img201712211757012013155302 - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

Damn this post was long! I hope you all enjoyed it and leave a comment below if you want to see more or just give to leave some constructive feedback.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Saturday 🙂

bree xoxo - Learning How To Do Make-Up! - Beauty Guru Pt.1

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