8 Student Memes To Laugh At My Pain…

Heyo Bookaholics!

Permission to laugh at my pain? Granted.

I’m coming up on my 6th and final week of Summer semester next week, and due to all the pressure and stress of Assignments and impending Exams I ‘stumbled’ upon a few student memes to share with my friend. Thinking that many of you guys might relate to my situation and find humour in my pain, I’ve decided to share these memes with you too with my own little narration of course.

No. 1: Flashing back to my days at an all-girls High School and our solution to when everything seemed too hard.

No. 2: There ain’t no rest for the student; even if the grass over there seems like the best place to take a nap.

No. 3: When the 2,500-word reflection piece looks easy at a glance (because that word count is short af), but the criteria is out to get me!

No. 4: That feeling when you have 4 assignments due by Sunday and denying all of them.

No. 5: Making this post with a smile on my face πŸ™‚

No. 6: Can you see the assignment theme here?

No. 7: Ah procrastination. I want this feeling right now thanks.

No. 8: Throwing my books across the room in a perfectionism induced rage, but picking them up seconds later because, shit I need to pass.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little post and maybe found some humour in the pain that is homework and exams. Remember to keep learning, stay in school and do what you love.


Are you currently studying anything in (or out of) school??Β 

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With Love Bree xx


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