8 Student Memes To Laugh At My Pain…

student memes to laugh at my pain 2018 header - 8 Student Memes To Laugh At My Pain...

Heyo Bookaholics! Permission to laugh at my pain? Granted. I’m coming up on my 6th and final week of Summer semester next week, and due to all the pressure and stress of Assignments and impending Exams I ‘stumbled’ upon a few student memes to share with my friend. Thinking that many of you guys might relate to my situation and find humour in my pain, I’ve decided to share these memes with you too with my own little narration of […]

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It’s Only A Game – Short Story (SW #17)

its only a game 17 blog header - It's Only A Game - Short Story (SW #17)

Heyo Bookaholics! R U OK? For this storytime, I chose to write from a prompt found off of Pinterest. I see so many of the posts in this format and I’ve always wanted to write using them but never had the idea on what to write until now! The prompt I am using is pictured below. I didn’t attach a link as I am unsure of the official origin of the photo, but I believe it could be from this […]

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