Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

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Storytime Wednesday Is Back!

“If I hadn’t gone and purchased another five books, maybe choosing my TBR for this month wouldn’t be so hard.” Lilly’s exasperated sigh reached the phone, and a laugh was played back.

“You know Lil.” Rachel’s voice was muffled from the speaker being smooshed into the blanket of Lilly’s bed. “I think this book thing is crazy, but maybe a little logic can help you.” Lilly nudged the phone a little to clear the speaker.

“Huh?” Yeah right, like that was a good idea. If Lilly was ‘logical’ then she may have not purchased the books she really desired yesterday.

“Well don’t you receive advanced copies from publishers? What are the called AKS?”

“Yeah I do; and it’s ARC, like ‘ay-arrr-cee’ and not AKS.” Rachel laughed at that, the sound crackling through the room.

“Oh man, the playback from your phone is annoying! Put headphones on woman,” Rachel called out. Lilly winced slightly and turned away from her bookshelves to turn the volume down on her phone.

“Better?” She asked.

“Yeah. Much better. So what books have you received from publishers recently? Let’s start with those.” A rustling sound was made on Rachel’s end as she made herself comfortable for the book talk. Lilly smiled at Rachel being interested in her passions.

“Well. Are you sure you want to listen to this?” Lilly decided to give her an out. Rachel is the kindest soul she knows but is 100% not personally into books, choosing to go crazy over clothes and make-up.

“Oh shush you! Of course, I want to listen to you go crazy over books, or I wouldn’t have asked. Now tell me about the new ones,” she demanded teasingly. The smile on her face making it through the phone to Lilly who reciprocated it.

“I have two that come out early February, and one that was released in late January.” Lilly pulled three books from the shelf. A pink one with two girls on the cover, a holographic one, and a blue one with a person of colour on the cover. “I can’t choose which one to read first!”

“List them off for me.” A rustling sound came from the phone, then a pen click. Lilly smiled and hoisted the novels up in her arms standing before the phone like a performer on stage before an act.

“First up we have Watch Us Rise by Reneé Watson and Ellen Hagan; next is A Curse So Dark And Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer; and lastly I have What Momma Left Me also by Reneé Watson. The last one is the shortest novel of the three.” Lilly finished her speech still standing, her mind no clearer now than it was before speaking the titles.

“They all sound amazing! There you have it. That’s your February TBR. Don’t put too many on the list, you’re a busy woman.”

“Agh thank you! I’ll send you a photo,” Lilly spoke over Rachel’s last words and made a frantic grab for her phone, loudly tapping out a message.

She sent the following photo which can be found on her Instagram (@thebookishbree 😉

img201902022316491827215130 - Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

“Oh my gosh! These books are awesome!” Rachel loves aesthetics more than she loves books. “Okay, so which book was released first?” Scratching of pen on paper sounded through the phone like some ASMR video.

“Well,-“ Lilly rifled through the pages of all three novels. “Okay so, A Curse So Dark and Lonely was released late January, What Momma Left Me is first for the month of Feb, then Watch Us Rise.” She pouted her lips thoughtfully, arranging the books onto her side-table for easy access.

“Since that Curse book came out in January, I think you can put it on hold till later right?”

“Yeah, I agree. Maybe I should read What Momma Left Me first.”

“That’s a good plan. Didn’t you say it was the smallest too?” The scratching of pen on paper through the speaker made an appearance again.

“It is! I’m so excited to read it!” Lilly’s voice pitched a little at the end. and she hugged the book in question to her chest, giddy. “I think it should be first.”

“I think so too. What are you waiting for woman!” Pages rustled, the notebook shut and Rachel’s pen clicked a final time. “Get reading Lilly, you wonder-filled child.” Lilly didn’t need to be told twice.

“Thank you so much I actually love you, Rachel! Have fun journalling and doing your Rachel things!” Lilly signs out this way fairly often, but it still made Rachel giggle happily.

“You’re welcome, my Lil Bug. I love you too! Now get reading.” With that, the call clicked off abruptly and Lilly opened the book in her hands. Not wasting any time; not even bothering to sit down.

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1 - Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

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