Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop Review

Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop Review
Before I start this post, I want to apologise about the state of Jasper + Spice over the past week. The blog will be better tended to i promise, I have been very busy which is fuel for some very exciting upcoming posts!

Hey Ho Bookaholics! 

Welcome back to another Review Monday! Today I have chosen to review the bookmarks I received from Read The Stars Co.; an etsy shop that sells fandom bookmarks, mostly inspired by books.

I ordered 6 bookmarks during Read The Stars during their 50% off and Free Delivery sale. I have never purchased bookmarks online before – though I have received bookmarks from an online store as a gift – so this is my first time actually making a purchase.

Being me, I had a bit of trouble while processing the order, so I sent a message to Casey and Reese on etsy with my queries and they answered so promptly (they have same timezone as me), and provided me with the exact answer I was looking for. I just want to say that if you run an online store, extensive knowledge of the processes from the customers end is a highly regarded quality. Especially if the customer can’t explain their issue properly, with knowledge of what happens on the other end, you may infer wha their issue is and in turn help in any way possible.

Casey and Reese both demonstrated they had this quality and that’s what made me follow through with my purchase.

21268278 271718796649067 477441610 o - Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop ReviewThe Lion King inspired book mark, with a quote from Rafiki stated very simply below. This is one of my main mottos in life, as I find myself always running from difficult situations and not facing them as a learning curve.

21298707 271718763315737 645584011 o - Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop ReviewThe Dark Artifices quote bookmark. I have no memory of who said this quote or even which book it is from, but I love it because it is so relatable.

The package also came with a little thank you card and 3 other bookmarks that were for Tracy that I sooo did no forget to take photos of. Though while taking photos, I realised I was one bookmark down, so I send the lovely RTS a message about this and after a week and a bit wait, I received my final package!

21268317 271723213315292 1821790261 o - Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop ReviewSleeping Beauty inspired bookmark is simple and dark, and has a kinda Beauty and The Beast vibe to it. Along with this came a complementary Read The Stars bookmark which is far more beautiful than any photo can capture!

I would love to extend a giant thank you to the team at Read The Stars Co., you guys do an amazing job at satisfying your customers and just being sweet peas with your beautifully hand-written notes that accompany the bookmarks. I look forward to purchasing from your store again.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading. I hope to see you all back here for Storytime Wednesday
bree xoxo - Read The Stars Bookmark/ Shop Review

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