Why Do I Have So Many Library Books?! // STW

Why Do I Have So Many Library Books?! // STW

Heyo Bookaholics!

I’ve been trying to think of more obscure things to share with you, and I think I hit the jackpot with this one; because I have acquired a good quantity of Library books from my school library.

Yeah crazy right?!

So how did I get them?

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No! I didn’t steal them. I was a very good student and a good friend of the librarians; and that my friends is where my story starts…

The Librarians:

The librarians at my high school were your typical bunch. All were women and there was the typically grouchy one; a sweet one who was like our friend and let us break minor rules; and the one who helped us with all our assignments.

I made good friends with the lady who would give me assignment help. She was so sweet and recommended some pretty good books for when I would sit looking bored, looking for a quick read.  Right now I must sound like a boring library kid but I was usually just waiting for my friends.

This friendship lead to me gaining the courage to ask her what the library was doing with all the books they dispose of every year.

Before I go on; I don’t want to sound like I was desperate or a crazy hoarder of books, though it may seem it. At the time my mum wasn’t allowing me to buy books due to limited storage space and saving money for god-knows-what. So I tried to acquire books a cheaper way that I couldn’t return them if she told me off.

She told me the books are sold at the school fete and some are donated, but if I wanted to have first pick I could. This was the best news I’d ever  heard and throughout my last year at high school I’d acquired over 13 books, most of them paperbacks.

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The Books!

I chose a lot of these books from cover grabs or just because they sounded cool and was something someone had recommended to me.

Though despite hoarding all of these books in hopes to read them, I haven’t read a single one, and I was frequently shoving them to the back of my shelves due to their ugly spines ruining the aesthetic of my shelves.

I was extremely happy to have a/ multiple copies of Sherlock Holmes stories, but now I’m just kinda “meh”, because:
What’s their value if I haven’t read them and experienced them? And I realised that I was never going to read any of these books. I’m not sure what makes these different to any other books but I just don’t feel the urge to read them as I would a new book of the same topic.

In light of this I have decided to give them a new life!

What’s Next?

Now you’re probably wondering why I’ve taken a photo of all these books in a black garbage bag. Well I’m not going to throw them out if that’s what you’re worried about. I am actually planning to give them to a charity called The Salvation Army; there is one near my house where my sister volunteered and where we donated a fair bit of our old house decorations and clothing when we moved house.

If the Salvation Army don’t want the books I am hoping hand them over to a place such as the (Sister’s of) The Good Samaritan Innan organisation my all-girls school is associated with. This Inn provides a safe and secure home for Women and Children who typically come from abusive homes and are placed in a home with a secret location so no one can come find them.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Friday 🙂

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