Jay Kristoff Month aka October TBR

Jay Kristoff Month aka October TBR

Heyo Bookaholics!

It’s Jay Kristoff Month!

DISCLAIMER: If you’d like to watch this TBR, you can do so by clicking this link or by playing the video at the bottom of the post!

This is the most exciting month for reading and probably the most daunting considering I have a bunch of deadlines coming up for university and work but I’ve chosen two of the most well-written novels by an amazing Melbournian author! With hopes that I finish the first two books, I’ve chosen a third to complete the list.


I will be participating in Piéra (@pieraforde) and Caz’s (@littlebookowl) readathon #pazreadsgg and reading GodsGrave by Jay Kristoff this month. Both these wonderful women have YouTube channels, Twitter and Instagram accounts, where you can keep up to date with the readathon and listen to them talk about books!screen shot 2018 10 07 at 9 46 14 pm - Jay Kristoff Month aka October TBR


I am finally going to get to read Lif3like which I am super stoked for! The book signing was so chill and like every Amie and Jay signing, we learnt a myriad many of new things which I detailed in my post about the event. You can read that post by clicking this link.

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This month I’ve chosen to finish the NeverNight chronicles and finally start LifeLike, both of which I’ve had since their launches in Melbourne but never got around to. The official list of books includes LifeL1k3 and GodsGrave by Jay Kristoff, plus if I have time I will read The Light That Gets Lost by Natasha Carthew.

The Video Edition!

Thank you for reading! I really hope you love this post and the video, and if you’re reading any of these books this month leave a comment down below or you can discuss them with me on my Instagram and/ or Twitter. Be sure to watch out for the reviews of these books on this blog and/ or YouTube channel!!
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What books are you reading this month???

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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With Love Bree xx

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