I’m Writing a Book! (NaNoWriMo News)

I’m Writing a Book! (NaNoWriMo News)

Hello Bookaholics!

Today’s post is going to be more chill (indicated by the smaller headding), and a little bit more on the personal side of things, deviating from my usualy book reaviews and fun.

For the better part of this month – that is from the 10th through to the 30th – I participated in NaNoWriMo, the yearly writing competition held very November, with preparations starting as early as August! This competition encourages young people like myself to write a novel in the month of November and share their progress, tips, and story with their friends and the wider community.

I decided to join the NaNoWriMo writing competition because I finished exams early November and I have been wanting to write a book but I really kept losing motivation and ideas. I belived that NaNoWriMo would  help me get on track with my writing and also set my on my path to publishing my very first novel.

A Bit About Me;

I never wanted to be a writer but I have always had a deep rooted passion for reading. At a very young age and for majority of my life – partly thanks to Hanna Montana – I really wanted to be a singer (kinda still do). I have a deep passion for singing and I took on and off classes throughout High School; I was even part of the Australian Girls Chior when I was in grades 5 and 6.

The idea to write books was actually kinda passed on to me by my friends whom I met when I was in my second year of High School. We started off writing fanfiction.

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I know right? What was I thinking?! Although I think about it look back at my fanfiction and think how stupid my writing sounded and how weird it was to do that, I;m actually thankful I was brought into the land of fanfiction becasue that was my base for writing fiction.

I realised after a few goes at writing a sucessful books that I was never actually invested in the characters I was writing about – If you wish to know, it was One Direction fanfiction. Don’t judge me okay, we all had that faze! Well anyways as I was saying, I never really cared about the boys when I was writing. I felt like I was trying to reconstruct a life that already had a path set out for them. In other words; I was getting nowhere. I had a bunch of unfinished stories so I said SCREW THIS, I want my own characters!” and thus my story Realise was born. Soon after that I wrote another poem story titled Sam which is my second most viewed story after Realise. I was so proud of these. I was receiving compliments from both wattpad users and (most immportantly) my best friends; who reported that they were CRYING over my books! I was super shocked and equally proud.

But I wanted to write like Cassandra Clare and James Dashner. I wanted characters that people would look up to. I wanted to create a character (or characters) that would inspire generations and be talked about everywhere. So I started Beneath Unnatural Skies. This book is by no means award winning and I probably wouldn’t look up to my main character, but it is a reat start for me.

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Beneath Unnatural Skies is a Sci-Fi, futuristic novel which tells the story of a girl named Eloise who one day receives a letter from her future self, and though the course of the story, she seeks to uncover the mystery of these futuristic letters with a bit of help along the way. Though I’m sure the name will be set to change when I finish the book or find one that is better fitting to the story.

If you’re wandering what ‘coldcoco’ is, it is my Wattpad name and I am lanning on posting this on my Wattpad acctount so people can read it. I will be telling you all when it is posted in a future wrap-up post so you can read it!

A Little Snippet From My Book;


Test Letter 

190 Secture Drive

Godshollow, MNS 3071


25 April 2072

Eloise Carriow

246 Ridgeway Cressent

Thornsburrow, MNS 3071

To Whomever Receives This Letter,

We are trialling a new system, and I do hope it works. I would like to fist ask that if you do not identify as the person stated above, passing this letter onto her would be much appreciated.

If you are Eloise Carriow (it feels quite strange to be writing in second person), this letter is addressed to you.

My name is Eloise Ashwood née Carriow, and it is by no coincidence that we shared the same name. I – you – are now 42 years old and married to a man named William Ashwood. When I – you – met him, in year 2051, he reminded me of the boy in that book series I had been so obsessed with. I quite vividly remember constantly replacing the “Ash” prefix of his surname to “Light” just so I could feel like I was going out with a mixture of my two favourite Demon Hunters.

So far this may seem all a joke to you. A sick prank pulled on you by your jester of a father who just wants to “see his money been spent on something other than books for once”. But it isn’t or I wouldn’t know that.

I’m rambling. This was just a test and is suppose to be short. There will be no way of knowing if you received this letter until we perfect the fingerprint paper and connect the firmware to the satellite which could take a another fifteen weeks. So hold tight and expect more letters.

The future is yours,

Eloise Ash(Light)wood

So there it is, the prologue/ first chapter of my first ever serious novel! I would love if you could give me feedback on this chapter. Any feedback would be lovely. Hope you enjoyed it and want to read more.


Thank You so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here again Monday 🙂

bree xoxo - I'm Writing a Book! (NaNoWriMo News)

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    • Thank you thank you so much 🙈☺️ you’ll definitely get to hear more very soon! *high fives you back*

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