BECAUSE WE CAN Week-Long Readathon Wrap-Up :)

BECAUSE WE CAN Week-Long Readathon Wrap-Up :)

Hai Beautiful!

It’s been a great week!

From the 11th to 17th of May, I participated in the newest week-long readathon called BECAUSE WE CAN Readathon, created by Kat @stars.and.embers, Cat @BrewsandReviews & Jenna @JustALittleBitRandom.

wp 1589009228291 300x200 - BECAUSE WE CAN Week-Long Readathon Wrap-Up :) My TBR for this readathon was actually quite, considering it is a week-long thing.

I chose 4 books to read this week which fulfilled all of the 7 reading prompts. You can check out my TBR post here where I talk about the who, the what and the why of this readathon.

Throughout the week I’ve been reading, filming and editing videos in line with the prompts provided to us. You can find all the information on the BWC Readathon YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe so you can participate the next time they run the readathon!

Smashing My TBR!

As of today (the last day of the readathon), I have finished two, and am half-way through the third book on my TBR.

IMG20200517173842 300x225 - BECAUSE WE CAN Week-Long Readathon Wrap-Up :) This week I finished:
All The Invisible Things by Orlagh Collins & Lifelike by Jay Kristoff.

Lifelike was a re-read for me as I am currently making my way through the sequel, Deviate.

I will have a review of All The Invisible Things by Orlagh Collins up tomorrow and a review of Deviate the following Monday.

I’ve posted on my YouTube channel (Jasper and Spice) six of the seven days of the readathon. While a couple of the videos are kinda megh in quality, I enjoyed the entire editing and daily-posting process far more than I thought I would.
You can check out all the videos down below or on my channel.

The Videos:

Because We Can Readathon TBR

Day 1: Tell the story of the first time you did a bookish thing.

Day 2: Create a bookish DIY for the first time.

Day 3: Two characters on a first date.

no video

Day 4: Recreate the cover of the first book in a series.

Day 5: Create a poem using the first word of book titles.

Day 6: Recreate how you imagined a character when they were first introduced.

Day 7: First impressions of a book based on the book cover.

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you watched my videos, I’m sending big social distance hugs to you. 

2019 goals banner 1 300x128 - BECAUSE WE CAN Week-Long Readathon Wrap-Up :)

Leave your opinions in the comments or alternatively on my social media channels!
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See you back here on Monday’s (book reviews), Wednesday’s (storytime/ writing updates) and Saturday’s (other bookish content).

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