Book Lovers Day – August 9

Book Lovers Day – August 9


Happy Book Lovers’ Day!!

You’re probably wondering what I’m on about, because of course it’s Book Lovers’ Day; every day is Book Lovers’ Day. Well yes I know that but according to today – August 9 – is an official recognised holiday called Book Lovers’ Day!

So what does this all mean and what can you do with all this new and exciting information?

Well Book Lovers’ Day is a day for Book Lovers and Bibliophiles around the globe to spread the bookish cheer with other Book Lovers and Bibliophiles. It is a day to treat yourselves to with some quality reading time, a new book, or even some bookish merch. Call up all your friends and tell them about this fantastic fun holiday, because many of us may be at school or work it does not mean that we cannot celebrate this crazy fun holiday.

Fun Fact!

Book Lovers’ Day is known as a National holiday in the United States.


A few fun ways to celebrate this holiday are;

  • Buy the book lover in your life – whether it be you or a friend – a book or some book or some bookish merch. I gave my friend three out of the thirteen books in A Series Of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket.
  • Show off your favourite books and make everyone jealous (especially me). A few of my favourite books are The Book Theif, Lady Midnight and Two Boys Kissing. 
  • Clean, relocate and/or rearrange your bookshelves. A good way to clear your mind and heart is to clean up and do something time consuming/ slow that involves something you love will make this day a whole lot more relaxing (unless you’re that person who stresses over the order of their books).
  • Slip into a pair of comfy pyjamas or track pants/sweats and wrap yourself in a  warm fluffy blanket – because winter can be a bitch – pick up a good book and just relax.
  • Make tea in your favourite mug and pick up your current read!
  • Visit your local library and/or bookstore and wish all the lovely staff there a Happy Book Lovers’ Day.
  • Encourage your friends and family to pick up a book, even just for today. (Volunteering to wash the dishes may help your campaign).
  • and lastly; Don’t forget to have fun and stay bookish!


Have a Happy Book Lovers’ Day xx


bree xoxo - Book Lovers Day - August 9

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