Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

Hey Ho Bookaholics!

Welcome back to another Storytime Wednesday! I have some big crazy news.

I was invited by Bloomsbury to attend the Bloomsbury Bloggers Event held in Carlton at the Library there which I have forgotten the name of… But that is irrelevant because the event was hosted by the lovely Caz aka TheLittleBookOwl on YouTube.

I got to meet a bunch of lovely YouTubers, influencers, and fellow reviewers, as pictured below; Tracy and I met YouTubers Lily of LilyCReads, and Chami of IsThatChami (formerly ReadLikeWildfire).

screenshot 2017 08 27 18 32 51 - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

At the beginning of the event everyone was mingling, getting to know everyone else, adding each other on Instagram – me forgetting everyone’s names within a second of meeting them – and just being able to have casual conversations with Samantha Shannon, and people who I look up to on the internet.

fullsizeoutput 5291 - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

The event was to promote Bloomsbury’s new and upcoming books in the YA genre, as well as Samantha Shannon’s new book The Song Rising, the third book in The Bone Season series.

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I am super mad that they changed the covers! I now have to order the third book in hardback to have a complete set of the first 3 books in one consistant cover (as I already own the first 2, and the third one in new edition kindly sent to me by Blomsbury).

fullsizeoutput 5290 - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

The wonderful Caz hosted the whole event, and I really wish I’d videoed it all as Samantha said some funny things and gave out some amazing tips to do with writing and publishing a novel.

fullsizeoutput 5294 - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!fullsizeoutput 5299 - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

Samantha did mention that The Song Rising was re-written multiple times upon publisher/ editors request that the book was a totally different story to what she had originally written. She advised aspiring writers not to fear this, as it will happen, and it is better in the long run.

fullsizeoutput 5288 - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!
Some Prizes for the quiz game!

Questions were asked, and prizes were given out, as well as the distribution of showbags at the beginning the event, no one left empty-handed.

fullsizeoutput 528d - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

The Haul


I came away from that event with around about 9 new (free) books.

20170829 083629 - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

The books are as above, excluding Moonrise which is a book I am hanging to read but I didn’t photograph it because I kinda forgot about it after I put it on my shelf.

And lastly, the all important signed books! I got my copies of all 3 books in the series signed, and as you can see from the first image, all my books are in different covers and formats and do not match. Though I feel blessed none-the-less to have met the wonderful tall as woman who wrote these wonderful books and have proof right here just makes it even more real.

That is all. I am absolutely starstruck and now it tis time for sleep.


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading. I hope to see you all back here Saturday 🙂
bree xoxo - Bloomsbury Bloggers Event Night!

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