Unboxing My Perfect Foundation & Review – Beauty Guru Pt.3b

Unboxing My Perfect Foundation & Review – Beauty Guru Pt.3b

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Heyo Bookaholics and Humans Alike!

I have the foundation and it’s amazing!!!!

Before I start my ramblings and review, I just want to let you all know that this post is a part 2 of the Buying The Perfect Foundation post I uploaded last week. This post can be read separately but for context I’d love if you could click the link above and have a read!

In my last post I spoke about my research on the best recommended foundation on the website: www.reviews.com/foundation, and following this, my experience shopping in Sephora. I concluded the post by saying that I purchased the foundation online (as they didn’t have any in store).

So here we are; I have received my goodies and I am ready to give you my opinion on the foundation, and see if my thoughts coincide with those expressed on the reviews site.

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Of course I took photos of the unboxing process! There was so much bubble wrap I was very excited, I sat down and popped it instead of writing this blog post earlier like I probably should’ve.

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I think the cutest thing in the package was this lip balm that is so soft and not oily, and smells so sweet. This is from Sephora’s Christmas collection and was on sale. I obviously didn’t read the sizing of this product because I thought it’d be larger than it’s 5cm size, but it is perfect for carrying in my handbag, and my beauty pouch.

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Mini Review!

Now onto the foundation! So I knew what this product looked like from when I saw it in store; I was sure to get the exact name, shade and everything before I purchased it, and still when it arrived I was shocked to see that it didn’t come with a pump!

img201804101543201515819627 - Unboxing My Perfect Foundation & Review - Beauty Guru Pt.3b

I was so confused. The sampler the lady used in Sephora had a pump top and the exact same packaging. It could’ve been that they added that themselves for hygiene reasons or whatnot, but I was quite disappointed that this $50 product did not come with a pump for ease of use.

What I can say about this product though, is that it does what it says it will.

  • Long wear – I’ve tested it over a long 15hour day, and I saw no difference in the overall foundation. This is taking into account that I do not set, bake, or apply concealer to my face, as I have not yet reached that level of beauty guru.
  • Full Coverage – Damn! Even the hairs were struggling to peek through (they were still shining just struggling). I have some acne scars and dark beauty marks that were banished with this formula.
  • Stay-in-Place – As advertised on the bottle, this shit dries stiff on your face and I was terrified it would crack if I moved, but I became more relaxed as the day wore on.
  • Doesn’t Transfer – I touch my face A LOT and this stuff did not make my hands feel oily or leave any residue behind, especially when I forgot I was wearing make up and went to change clothes, there was NO transfer!

Negatives: The only flaws I could point out were the fact that it dries very stiff and because of this it is a little difficult to fully take off. I’m sure the stiffness could be fixed by using other products I lack knowledge of, and the latter just comes with the cost of an all day, long wear foundation.

img20180410154207753680116 - Unboxing My Perfect Foundation & Review - Beauty Guru Pt.3b


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Wednesday 🙂

bree xoxo - Unboxing My Perfect Foundation & Review - Beauty Guru Pt.3b

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