Finding The Perfect Foundation – Beauty Guru Pt.3a

Finding The Perfect Foundation – Beauty Guru Pt.3a

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Heyo Bookaholics!

So I need a new foundation….

Hi! I’m back at it again with the Beauty Guru stuff. If you’ve been here from the start of this series, you’ll know that this post has definitely been a long time coming. In the first post in my Beauty Guru series; Learning How To Do Make-up, I spoke about how the foundation I currently use just wasn’t doing it for me and I really needed a new one, something to make me feel confident and special when I wear it.

I don’t wear makeup regularly, if at all, but lately I’ve been wanting to experiment with makeup a lot more and to do that I need a good base; or should I say foundation! To be completely honest with you all, I always had it in my head that  it was far too much effort to actually go out to Sephora and Mecca to hunt down a product that I had absolutely no knowledge of whatsoever. I had absolutely no clue where to start. So I never did. Until yesterday…

Foundation Fears?

I was always so scared of foundation.

That’s why I love lipstick; you can choose a colour and just roll with it, there isn’t any complication of whether the shade will match your skin or not; and because of this, there is also no wasting lipstick.

BUT I WILL FEAR NO MORE!!! I was contacted by an angel by the name of Elizabeth who directed me to the website which managed to solve all 99 of my problems and got rid of all of my foundation fears in one click.

Here’s the thing. When I do wear foundation, I use the Mac Face and Body Foundation in the shade C3. It’s very very light coverage, watery, and looks like I’m not wearing foundation at all. When I applied this foundation, sister would always comment on the colouration of it, and how it looks a little too orange for my skin

What I’m Looking For:

When I wear make up, I want it to look like I’m wearing make up. So I am in the market for a full coverage foundation, of which I haven’t set a price limit for; though I am hoping that I won’t have to spend anything over $60.

Why Now?

As previously mentioned, I was contacted by Elizabeth who directed me to which is a website in which the curators provide reviews for a multitude of different products.

My favourite part of this site is their detailed section on how they choose their products! The below chart was included in the description which details skin types and their susceptibility to being burnt. What I also found very interesting was that when choosing the foundations, they look for products without SPF as it isn’t as effective as using actual sunscreen; as well as products that don’t have perfumes due to allergies of their clients.

screen shot 2018 04 07 at 5 12 46 pm - Finding The Perfect Foundation - Beauty Guru Pt.3a

In the foundation category, they focus on the top 3 foundations for each type of foundation – liquid, powder, and drugstore.

screen shot 2018 04 07 at 5 01 46 pm - Finding The Perfect Foundation - Beauty Guru Pt.3a

I’m in the market for a liquid foundation, so I focused at the top 3 in this category, with the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Make-Up coming in fist place as the top rated foundation.

screen shot 2018 04 07 at 5 01 59 pm - Finding The Perfect Foundation - Beauty Guru Pt.3a

This website is amazing, as they analyse the foundations and identify the all aspects of the foundation/ product, even detailing the shades that the foundation comes in! The shades were sourced from Sephora’s website with all “Buy Now” links leading back to a retail chain that the product can be purchased at

My Real World Adventure!

Loaded with all of this information, I went on a journey to the biggest Sephora in my city and asked for the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Make-Up Foundation, and a little bit of help with swatching.

Things I learnt while in Sephora:

  • Foundation will never be thick enough to cover my facial hair
  • The lady I spoke to empathised with my hairy face concerns and was very lovely
  • Fenty foundation has amazing consistency
  • My skin has a yellow undertone

So within about 10 minutes of being in the store, waiting for service, having a lovely chat with the sales assistant, and trying a total of three shades of foundation; I FOUND THE SHADE FOR ME HASSLE FREE!!!

They didn’t have it in stock, but I watch perfectly matched with the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Make-Up Foundation in the shade 2W2 Rattan. I had to order it online but will be arriving TOMORROW, and I will be posting an unboxing style post on Saturday (stay tuned!).


screen shot 2018 04 08 at 10 54 59 am e1523284562731 - Finding The Perfect Foundation - Beauty Guru Pt.3a


For all the cheeky people who skipped straight to the bottom, I know this post was super long and full of random words; but I really want to say that without this service – – I would never have been able to know what foundation to look for. I would’ve been in the same situation I was in with my current foundation where it is horrible and I regretted my purchase immediately.

At least this way I know I am guaranteed to love this foundation, as it had been put up against the best. Being compared to Stella and Kat Von D; both of which are brands that beauty YouTubers fawn over.

I also want to thank Elizabeth for reaching out to me via email and telling me about this site. It has – as evidence will suggest – been a very useful tool for me on my make up journey, and hopefully on my other journeys in life.

If you’d like to contact me via email, my email is It is strictly for business or PR enquiries only, any feedback will be greatly appreciated in the comments below xx


Stay Happy, Healthy, and have a Lovely Week!!


Thank You so much for reading! I hope to see you all back here on Saturday 🙂

bree xoxo - Finding The Perfect Foundation - Beauty Guru Pt.3a

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