Book Challenge May 3

5 - Book Challenge May 3

What books got you guys into reading??


For me, it was the Rondo series by Emily Rodda.

This series was the first magical series I’ve ever read and are most likely the first full series also.

And now I finally have my own – even if they are secondhand from the library and have the college library name and the word CANCELED stamped onto various parts of the book – I love them none the less. Especially since the dust jackets have been amazingly preserved and kept if amazing condition.

I was ecstatic when I picked these books up.

img 3781 - Book Challenge May 3
Just can we all take a second to appreciate the spines on these books.


*a second*
agent carter season 2 hints at the introduction of doctor strange 744814 - Book Challenge May 3

They are pure magic (even the dust jackets are beautiful).


Till Tomorrow,

Bree xx


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  1. I can’t remember what books really got me into reading. I assume The Sweet Valley Girls or some other children’s chapter books in elementary school. But, the first series that I remember falling head-over-heels for was The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray. Victorian styling, fantasy worlds, magic, romance, friendship. It has everything I love – still does!

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