What’s In My Book Depository Cart???

the books in my book depository cart 2018 blog header - What's In My Book Depository Cart???

that the Disclaimer: This post is not at all sponsored by Book Depository, they offer an amazing service which I swear by, but I mostly just want all the books and I think you all need to know. Heyo Bookaholics!! I’m quite excited for this post and if all goes to plan you’ll see a follow-up post to this, but in today’s episode of ‘Bree Wants All The Books And Can’t Resist Shadowhunters’, we dive into my ever growing but […]

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Why I can’t wait to read…

61 - Why I can't wait to read...

Why I can’t wait to read The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase And The Gods of Asgard #1).   Recently I have been investing my time in teaching myself about Norse Mythology. Sure, Greek Mythology and Greek Gods are beyond fabulous but my love for the Avengers led me to investigate a whole new, folk religion; one created many years ago by the Norsemen or North Germanic people during the Viking age. The Norse natives didn’t specifically have a name […]

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