May 2016 Book Challenge

2 - May 2016 Book Challenge

Hey Guys, I am so proud to announce that Emilie of @createexploreread and I (@jasperandspice) have teamed up to bring you the May 2016 Book Challenge. Join us on Instagram with the tag #CERJSMay16BookChallenge for a fun month of book photography. You can also play along here on WordPress and on Tumblr, where I will track the tag and post my favourite photos on my journaling account.  

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Bookish Text Posts!

3 - Bookish Text Posts!

Here are some  totally relatable  bookish text posts that I have gathered off Pintrest. Warning: These will probably confuse those people who do not read or understand the joy of reading.     1. When you spend a whole day unnecessarily worrying over fictional characters. 

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