An October TBR For Those Who Only Want A Little Spook.

October TBR 2019 Header - An October TBR For Those Who Only Want A Little Spook.

Heyo Bookaholics! Only a little spook this October! While just about everyone else but me loves the spooky season, I’ve never been one to celebrate it. Top it off with the fact that I can’t stand horror movies and I’m scared of the dark and you have someone who doesn’t look at her October TBR much differently from any other month. In fact, this year is the only year thus far in my 20 years of what we call life, […]

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A Teeny Tiny September 2019 TBR

September TBR 2019 Header - A Teeny Tiny September 2019 TBR

Heyo Bookaholics! A SINGULAR BOOK (or 2)! I didn’t get around to posting on Wednesday as I was trying to construct a huge post whilst being run down by impending assignments, so today I have planned a quick post to discuss my September TBR. The books on the agenda for this month are very minimal. This doesn’t count to the TBR, but I want to finish reading Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte of which was the third book on my […]

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August TBR 2019!

August TBR 2019 Header - August TBR 2019!

Heyo Bookaholics! Fantasy TBR Time! I know I promised a Wednesday post, but while writing it, I had a slight existential crisis and didn’t finish it… So on-brand for me. I have had these four books sitting on my desk for a month in anticipation for this TBR, and I finally get to read them!  After reading a bunch of contemporaries and urban fantasies in the last couple of months, I have this urge to get back into reading fantasy/ […]

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July TBR 2019

July TBR 2019 Header - July TBR 2019

Heyo Bookaholics! Think of July as an extended version of June. Like June but with 61 days! I’ve posted my TBR for June early last month and I planned to read an unrealistic 8 or so books. I knew it was never going to work out, but I tried anyway and managed to read 3.5 books. This month I am continuing that TBR (because I’m committed af) but also ambitious because, in addition to the books photographed, I have 2 […]

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Rainbow Pride Month TBR Challenge!

Pride Month June Rainbow TBR Challenge Header - Rainbow Pride Month TBR Challenge!

Heyo Bookaholics! Happy Pride Month to everyone in the queer community! Where I am not part of the queer community, I do love rainbows, seeing people happy and being themselves, and most of all, I love my friends! That’s why this month, I have gotten on board with The YA Room‘s Rainbow TBR Challenge. For this challenge, you are to choose the books on your TBR based on the colours of the rainbow, and all the novels MUST have queer […]

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April TBR!

Heyo Bookaholics! This feels like a late TBR… I’ve been so slow in my reading progress lately. So in light of not having finished Underdog edited by Tobias Madden and my little internal crisis of not having put out a TBR for this month, I am currently 3 stories into Underdog, the 12 short story anthology edited by Tobias Madden. Meet and Greet by Michael Earp Breathe Me In by Sophie L. Macdonald Chemical Expression by Jes Layton I interviewed Jes […]

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March TBR

screen shot 2019 03 08 at 9.57.29 pm - March TBR

Heyo Bookaholics! This has to be my favourite TBR so far! I’m not saying that I’ve changed, but this might be achievable. 5 books in 31 days, one of which has already been completed, a second of which I am already 30 pages in. The books I am planning to fly through this month include:  Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan Otherworld by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller Otherearth by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller Ida by Alison […]

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Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

choosing my february tbr 24 blog header - Choosing A TBR (Short Story) StoryTime Wednesday #24

Heyo Bookaholics! Storytime Wednesday Is Back! “If I hadn’t gone and purchased another five books, maybe choosing my TBR for this month wouldn’t be so hard.” Lilly’s exasperated sigh reached the phone, and a laugh was played back. “You know Lil.” Rachel’s voice was muffled from the speaker being smooshed into the blanket of Lilly’s bed. “I think this book thing is crazy, but maybe a little logic can help you.” Lilly nudged the phone a little to clear the […]

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November TBR Pile

november tbr 2018 - November TBR Pile

Heyo Bookaholics! November is halfway done! I’ve been horrible with my posting schedule this month. Assignments, work and expectations have been holding me back, but I’ve reminded myself to not abandon my books; to keep reading to relax and refresh my brain. Trying new things is always fun, especially if they’re out of your comfort zone. This month I’ve chosen to pick up the full Percy Jackson series, something I’ve been putting off doing for years. Not because I had […]

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Jay Kristoff Month aka October TBR

screen shot 2018 09 30 at 10 59 38 pm 1 - Jay Kristoff Month aka October TBR

Heyo Bookaholics! It’s Jay Kristoff Month! DISCLAIMER: If you’d like to watch this TBR, you can do so by clicking this link or by playing the video at the bottom of the post! This is the most exciting month for reading and probably the most daunting considering I have a bunch of deadlines coming up for university and work but I’ve chosen two of the most well-written novels by an amazing Melbournian author! With hopes that I finish the first […]

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