Book Challenge May 8/9

10 - Book Challenge May 8/9

Can you all make out who is in the photo tacked onto the door?  If you said The Fat Lady from Harry Potter, you are correct! No one knows who put her there (probably our teachers) but The Fat Lady greets us every morning when we walk through the door into our classroom; until one day when she mysteriously disappeared and never came back. Quite sad actually. To remember The Fat Lady, she will represent my favourite fandom – second to the […]

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To Do List Printables

131 - To Do List Printables

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the second post in the 2016 Back to School Series: To-Do List Printables.  As I mentioned in my most recent post about organisation (link here); I absolutely love creating timetables. But there is one other organisation tool I rely on just as much as timetables, and they are to-do lists! The Holy Grail of organisation tools. For people with little time and lots to do. ★ Below, I’ve attached a few links and descriptions to to-do list printables; including […]

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Staying Organised

111 - Staying Organised

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the first post in the 2016  Back to School Series: Staying Organised. One of the biggest issues I have faced, especially in my last two years of High School has got to be organisation. Since the start, I wanted to do a post that would benefit all of my readers, hence leading to the creation of this short (but detailed) list of study/ organisation tips, of what I feel, have caused me to succeed keeping organised and […]

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