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Storytime Wednesday: Librarians Are Angels

librarians are angels blog header - Storytime Wednesday: Librarians Are Angels

Hello Bookaholics! Lets forget about all those meanie librarians that we see in movies and (rarely) in our everyday lives; and let us focus on those God sent angel librarians who look after us book lovers by chatting to us, recommending us new books to read, and best of all giving us free books. This is just a small appreciation post for all the librarians out there who help us with pretty much everything; from something as small as finding […]

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Popular Books To Read In The New Year

popular books i need to read in 2017 blog header - Popular Books To Read In The New Year

Welcome back Bookaholics! I still cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow! This year has been a rollercoaster for me, not just in school but aslo in trying to keep my blog up and running; but I can proudly come to the end of the year and say that I have accomplished much much more than I ever expected. So I was watching YouTube one day – as one does to avoid doing anything productive – and I stumbled upon a […]

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Book Challenge May 5

7 - Book Challenge May 5

Time to show some much-needed love to those books which have been beaten and bruised, battered and used. Here is my worn out book. It’s titled; ‘The Treasury of Knowledge’ and belonged to my father before I found it and put it in a place where it will be kept safe and unharmed. This book and has been worn and taped up on the spine so that the hard cover and the pages are not aligned and the old tape […]

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