December & Yearly Wrap-Up for 2019 (because it’s already getting busy)

DECEMBER 2019 YEARLY WRAP UP Blog Post Header - December & Yearly Wrap-Up for 2019 (because it's already getting busy)

Heyo Bookaholics! 1 Day Till Christmas & 7 Till 2020! I haven’t done a proper wrap-up post in a hot minute but I could never not do a yearly wrap-up. This one will be dramatic, long and full of everything that I have done this year that has been exciting and positive! I don’t want to ramble too much here. You know the deal, I talk about the books I read and purchased in the month, plus showcase the blog […]

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My Christmas + Birthday Wishlist (books and more)

christmas and birthday wishlist blog header - My Christmas + Birthday Wishlist (books and more)

Hey Ho Bookaholics! I was having a conversation with my mother the other day, and she got me thinking. She had said to my sister and I, that we should write a list of five things we really want for Christmas, and buy each other one gift from that list. It was a pretty cool idea, though my sister and I really only wanted one thing, we still made it fun and wrote down a few more. Though my sister – […]

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