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The First TBR of 2021 aka A Hopefully Better Year Than 2020 (in every way)!

Helena by Claire L. Smith Book Chat  Review 2021 Blog Header 1 - The First TBR of 2021 aka A Hopefully Better Year Than 2020 (in every way)!

Hai Beautiful! It’s that time of year again! Starting off the year with a new Goodreads goal and a half-finished book from the year before is starting to become the norm for me now. But alas, I have anticipated this! But once again I have sabotaged my own well-thought-out plan, and have landed myself in another sticky situation. So you see… *cue flashback*  I wanted to set a one-book TBR that would allow for any unpredictability in my schedule over […]

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My January 2020 TBR Sucks!

January 2020 TBR Blog Header - My January 2020 TBR Sucks!

Hai Spicy Hoomans! Yeah, I said it! I have been in a reading slump all December because I’d caught the travel bug which, if you have travelled, takes up a lot of your time and energy, leaving little room for reading. Good news is, I’m back and ready to smash through my TBR; bad news, my TBR is still stuck in 2019. I couldn’t just waltz into the first month of a new year, let alone a new decade without […]

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January 2018 TBR

img 20180104 203952 - January 2018 TBR

Heyo Bookaholics! WOW okay so 2018 is here. This is scary, I literally wasn’t ready for 2017 to end; it was such a crazy year I feel like I need a week break where nothing happens, just reflection on the year that was. But sadly we didn’t get this and time must go on!

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Summer TBR 2016-2017!

summer tbr blog header - Summer TBR 2016-2017!

Hey Ho Bookaholics! Today I bring to you the books I plan to read for the next three months of summer which i assure you will go by so so fast! With all the stuff I have planned for the next three months, I doubt I’ll actually have time to finish all of these but I really do hope I can.

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