Learn From Your Writing, It’s A Journey – An Insight To Writing Happiness

how to find happiness in writing 2018 header - Learn From Your Writing, It's A Journey - An Insight To Writing Happiness

Heyo Bookaholics! Let’s Talk About Ideas… Where Do They Come From? Last week marked my 15th official Storytime on my blog! Over my journey of developing and writing for the Storytime Wednesday Series, I’ve noticed a deeper connection between myself and my writing as if something within myself opened up and I can now see that deep angsty depth where all the inspiration is drawn from. In this post, I want to talk about: where my writing comes from, how I’ve […]

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The Most Influential YA Women Characters

tip yourtaxi driverif possible - The Most Influential YA Women Characters

Happy International Women’s Day! To commemorate this day on my blog, I have compiled a list of the literary women who have empowered and had an impact on both me and the readers of YA fiction novels around the globe.   1. Tessa Grey – The Infernal Devices 2. Annabeth – Percy Jackson Series 3. Liesel – The Book Thief   Liesel demonstrates a great amount of love and resilience for a young girl, who tragically lost her younger brother and was […]

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