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Book Challenge May 8/9

10 - Book Challenge May 8/9

Can you all make out who is in the photo tacked onto the door?  If you said The Fat Lady from Harry Potter, you are correct! No one knows who put her there (probably our teachers) but The Fat Lady greets us every morning when we walk through the door into our classroom; until one day when she mysteriously disappeared and never came back. Quite sad actually. To remember The Fat Lady, she will represent my favourite fandom – second to the […]

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Book Challenge May 6

8 - Book Challenge May 6

Place your books in a bookish bag and take them somewhere nice or better yet, bring books home in a bookstore issued bag. I purchased these a while ago from Robinson’s Bookshop, and I haven’t read Another Day yet but I have finished His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. His Dark Materials was recommended to me last year by my English Language teacher who claimed that it was her favourite series, telling me she had read the whole series in […]

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