Textiles Fair!

51 - Textiles Fair!

Last week, I stumbled upon a sign set out on a nature-strip across from a hall. It read; “Textiles fair! Hands on activities for kids and teenagers Please come Inside!” When I walked inside, I saw many knitted creations and lots and lots of wool. There were dream catchers and other hand-made wares hanging from the ceiling, even wool spilling from a dissused fireplace. I was so in awe of the wonderful creations in front of me that I forgot to […]

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Pop Up Shops x

141 - Pop Up Shops x

I don’t go into the city often but when I do I always see new pop-up stores that sell the cutest items and they always bring a smile on my face, except I sadly, never have any money to buy these cute items; so I took photos of a few of the cute items that I found aesthetically pleasing.

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